Watch Sally Yates Trump-Russia Testimony Live Stream: Senate Judiciary Committee Also Calls James Clapper

Yates, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and daughter of a longtime appeals court judge in that state, was appointed Deputy Attorney General by President Barack Obama in January of 2015. But with Trump’s inauguration, before Jeff Sessions, his own appointee to the post, had been confirmed by the Senate, Yates become acting Attorney General.

But when Yates refused to order federal agents to enforce Trump’s initial travel ban against visitors to the U.S. from seven predominately Muslim countries, Trump promptly fired her. And according to The Washington Post, when Yates was scheduled to testify in March before the House Intelligence Committee, the Trump administration blocked her from appearing.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer denied that the administration tried to stand in the way of Yates testimony.

Donald Trump, Trump Russia, Sally Yates, Sally Yates fired by Trump, Russia cover up, Senate Judiciary Committee hearing
Republican Lindsey Graham (l) will chair Monday's hearing, with Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (r) as the ranking Democrat on the subcommittee. (Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

According to sources familiar with Yates’ planned testimony, who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, the former acting attorney general will testify Monday that on January 26, she told White House Counsel Donald McGahn that she had access to transcripts of intercepted phone calls between Flynn and Kislyak — and those transcripts didn’t match the way that Flynn and the administration had publicly characterized the calls.

Yates feared that Flynn’s apparent lies would leave him vulnerable to blackmail or some other type of compromise by the Russians, the Journal reported.

The following video from CBS News offers a more complete preview of the expected testimony from Yates.

The administration has said that the call from Yates to McGahn was simply a routine “heads up,” but other sources have said that Yates was alarmed about the discrepancies between Flynn’s statements and the actual transcripts of the Russia calls, according to an Associated Press account.

Donald Trump, Trump Russia, Sally Yates, Sally Yates fired by Trump, Russia cover up, Senate Judiciary Committee hearing
Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is also scheduled to testify on Monday. (Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will also testify before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Monday. Clapper is listed as the official author of a January report compiling intelligence community findings that Russia interfered in the 2016 Presidential Election.

But in a March interview, Clapper was asked if U.S. intelligence had uncovered evidence that Trump or his associates had actively colluded with the Russian election meddling. Clapper answered, “not to my knowledge,” an answer that he will likely be called upon to explain in his testimony Monday.

Representative Adam Schiff, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, has said that he has seen evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia that is “more than circumstantial.”

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