‘Days Of Our Lives’ Arianne Zucker Extends Contract, Continues Taping

The news of Arianne Zucker’s decision to leave Days Of Our Lives shocked fans. While she has no family ties to Salem, she has been a key cast member for over two decades. As all Days Of Our Lives fans know, Nicole has a sordid past with times of being the villain and other times of being the hero.

Arianne Zucker had made the announcement in March that she had decided to leave the show. Her contract, which was a two-year renewal, was set to run out at the end of April. She admitted she had considered leaving Days Of Our Lives two years ago but had stayed. Zucker just felt it was time for her to make some changes in her career.

Nicole and Daniel promo shot.
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Her real life boyfriend, Shawn Christian, had played the role of Dr. Daniel Jonas. On the set of Days Of Our Lives, he was Nicole’s fiance. After his death in a fatal alcohol-related car accident on New Year’s Eve, Nicole has been in a storyline revolving around their daughter, Holly.

Over the years, Days Of Our Lives fans have seen Nicole be the target of kidnappers, have seen her be a kidnapper, watched as she lied and manipulated to get what she wanted, and rooted for her when she finally grew up and got on the right track. Each time she is close to happiness, Days Of Our Lives fans know it is too good to be true. Arianne’s character always falls just short of reaching security and happiness.

With the current storyline, Nicole and her daughter are being held captive by Xander. Considering that Arianne’s contract ran out at the end of April, she has extended her time on Days Of Our Lives set. According to Celeb News Online by extended her taping through June, Days Of Our Lives fans will see Nicole until close to the end of the year.

How will Nicole leave the show?

The question Days Of Our Lives fans have now is how will Nicole leave Salem for the last time? Some characters are replaced with different actors but it would be very difficult in the case of Nicole Walker. With the length of time she has been a part of Days Of Our Lives, it is difficult to even imagine someone else being called Nicole. For this reason, fans are expecting a true exit.

Lately, when someone leaves Days Of Our Lives, it is by being killed off. The character of Dr. Dan is a prime example. He died in the accident and his heart was given to another character on the show. There is no doubt that Shawn Christian is really gone from Days Of Our Lives.

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Days Of Our Lives fans on social media are weighing in. Rather than see Nicole die and Holly be an orphan, there is hope that she simply moves away. As Days Of Our Lives fans have said, it would be much more comforting to feel that Nicole finally found peace and happiness with her daughter rather than die.

The extra time Arianne Zucker is giving to Days Of Our Lives shows that all are interested in giving her a proper end to her story. Her current relationship with Brady Black isn’t their first try. The chances of it lasting may be fleeting, however. This may all play a part in the exit of Nicole from the set.

Do you think Days Of Our Lives will let Nicole ride off into the sunset for a happy ending? Or do you feel Arianne’s final scene will involve death and sadness? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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