iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Specs, Update: Here's What We Know So Far

The iPad Pro 2 has been delayed for a half a year now, making the anticipation for the 12.9-inch tablet as high as ever. Its predecessor was a great performer, but now, many are looking forward to a refresh. What can we expect in the upcoming large tablet?

iPad Pro 2's Will Have Upgraded Specs

Of course, it goes without saying that the iPad Pro 2 will sport upgraded internals. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the next 12.9-inch tablet will have an A10X processor under the hood. It is unknown how much RAM the processor will be paired with, but it is possible that it will not be updated as Apple rarely bumps up the memory after only one generation.

In the camera department, a 12-megapixel camera with True Tone flash will grace the back, which is a considerable increase from the 2015 tablet's 8-megapixel snapper. The iPad Pro 2 is also likely to have a better Apple Pencil and – surprise – a 3.5mm headphone jack, contrary to what many believe.

12.9-inch iPad Pro and 9.7-inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil displayed
[Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

As these upgrades are only expected, the biggest change that we'll be excited to see on the new iPad Pro is its design. Word is out that Apple might take a page out of the Galaxy S8 and release a tablet with extremely thin bezels. The front should be made up mostly of the 12.9-inch display, which means we can expect its size to be trimmed down a little bit as well.

The home button, being unwanted by mobile makers nowadays, might also be removed. But that is only if Apple manages to perfect the technology that allows a fingerprint sensor to be embedded on the screen.

The True Tone display from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, introduced last year, will also come over to its bigger sibling. This will allow the tablet to adjust brightness and contrast depending on the available lighting.

The Touch Bar from MacBook Pro 2016 may appear on the iPad Pro 2
The Touch Bar from MacBook Pro 2016 may appear on the iPad Pro 2. [Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]

Other features that would make the tablet sell like pancakes are the 3D Touch from the iPhone 6s and the Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro 2016. If the latter really makes it way to the tablet, we can expect the iPad Pro 2 to have dual displays, with one being a thin strip at the top of the display.

iPad Pro 2's Release Date Expected Soon

By now, customers who bought the first iPad Pro should be waiting for a refresh of their device. The first big tablet by Apple was launched in September 2015, and as 2016 saw no successor, 2017 is the perfect year to release a follow-up.

However, the Cupertino-based company is known for being ultra-secretive about its plans for its products. March, which is when a new batch of products are revealed, was first rumored to be the month of the iPad Pro 2's arrival, then rumors went to April, and now, to May.

Tim Cook holds the new iPad Pro during an Apple event
Apple CEO Tim Cook announces the iPad Pro [Image by Eric Risberg/AP Images]

A June reveal is also speculated because of the Worldwide Developers Conference happening in that month. All eyes will be on Apple during that time, making it the best possible event for the unveiling of the iPad Pro 2 and possibly other devices like iPad Pros of different sizes.

But it can be noted that Apple usually holds a separate event for revealing new hardware. As much as fans want an iPad Pro 2 now, there is a chance that its release may not happen until later this year, as DigiTimes previously reported.

Nevertheless, a Spring launch for the next iPad Pro is our best bet for now. The successor has until the end of June to make an appearance, so let's hope that it won't let us down this time.

How about you? Are you also waiting for the iPad Pro 2?

[Featured Image by Eric Risberg/AP Images]