iPad Pro 2 Release Date Is Near, Apple To Reveal It On WWDC 2017?

The iPad Pro 2 was previously rumored to be released in early 2017, but that turned out to be false. Currently, we have no idea when Apple is planning to reveal it aside from a possible spring launch date. But spring is ending in a couple of month yet the 12.9-inch tablet is nowhere in sight.

After March saw the launch of the iPad Air 2 successor (and a couple other Apple products), reports of the iPad Pro 2 died down. Now, they are back up again brought by the drop in iPad Pro stocks in Apple stores.

According to Tech Times, those who have been wanting to buy the large tablet are facing stock issues. Various branches have already run out of stocks, which is an unusual occurrence. The online store also doesn’t have stocks of the iPad Pro, as it is stated that interested buyers may have to wait for about three weeks to get one delivered to them.

While this may only be an inventory problem, this may also be a hint that a successor is coming soon. It’s common for companies to clear out stocks of an item if a follow-up to that product is arriving and this may be the case for the iPad Pro 2.

Apple may be preparing for the iPad Pro 2 release date, which means that we can expect an announcement real soon. Or the Cupertino-based company may also pull another silent launch, just like what happened in March. But that’s unlikely, given that the iPad Pro 2 is a major product and not just an entry-level offering like the iPad 2017 or a limited edition variant like the (RED) iPhone 7.

It is possible that we can see its release in May, but Apple has not yet announced an event in which the iPad Pro 2 could be revealed. However, a June reveal is most likely since WWDC takes place on that month in San Jose, California. It is the perfect event to introduce a new tablet or a brand new lineup of tablets. Either month is still within the tipped release window.

iPad Pro 2 Specs, Features

The iPad Pro is a remarkable device, capable of performing many tasks. As it is intended for business use, professional consumers ate it up. Its 12.9-inch screen is useful in presentations and creating them. So what will the iPad Pro 2 offer?

CNET reports that the iPad Pro 2 will have a True Tone display similar to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro that automatically adjusts brightness and contrast in accordance to the lighting available. As 2017 is the year where bezels are unwanted, we can expect the 12.9-inch tablet to have little of it.

An A10X processor will serve as the powerhouse and a 12-megapixel camera with True Tone flash will snap pictures for the user. The iPad Pro 2 will come with an upgraded Apple Pencil and a 3.5mm headphone jack, which should please some fans.

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We could also be seeing the 3D Touch feature from the iPhone 6s and the Touch Bar from the 2016 MacBook Pro. It is likely since it has enough room for that.

As a conclusion, the iPad Pro 2 should be a better companion that can better keep up with the fast lifestyle of the business people. Those who want a smaller tablet that is equally powerful, though, can wait to the refresh of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. An even smaller tablet is a follow-up to the iPad Mini dubbed the iPad Mini Pro. Judging by its moniker, it may be as capable as its bigger siblings, only smaller.

For casual users, there’s the recently released iPad 2017 that is the successor to the iPad Air 2. There’s also talks of a 10.5-inch tablet, the first in Apple’s lineup, but that remains to be seen for now.

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