'Game Of Thrones' Spinoffs Confirmed: HBO Explores 'Different Time Periods' In The Rich World Of 'GoT'

Game of Thrones spinoffs are coming to HBO as the pay TV network confirms that it closed deals with four different writers to explore different ideas and timelines in the award-winning fantasy universe.

Fans are in for a treat as HBO officially announced the development of spin off shows set in the same world as GoT in an attempt to further milk the popular TV series based on George R.R. Martin's saga, A Song of Ice and Fire.

According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO is "quadrupling down on its epic quest" to replace GoT by roping in four talented writers to come up with story ideas for the Game of Thrones spinoffs.

Among them are Max Borenstein from Kong: Skull Island and Brian Helgeland from A Knight's Tale and L.A. Confidential, who are both working solo, as well as Kingsman: Secret Service writer Jane Goldman, and Carly Wray from Mad Men, who will be brainstorming it out with Martin, the universe creator himself.

Any specific details about the ideas have not been revealed, although HBO confirmed that the spinoffs will "explore different time periods of George R. R. Martin's vast and rich universe."

What we do know is that GoT showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss will be returning for the Game of Thrones spinoffs based on EW's report.

"Weiss and Benioff continue to work on finishing up the seventh season and are already in the midst of writing and preparing for the eighth and final season," HBO said.

"We have kept them up to date on our plans and they will be attached, along with George R. R. Martin, as executive producers on all projects. We will support them as they take a much-deserved break from writing about Westeros once the final season is complete."
From what we know based on an article from Variety, HBO programming president Casey Bloys first acknowledged the idea of creating Game of Thrones spinoffs.

"We've talked about it. It's something I'm not opposed to. But, of course, it has to make sense creatively," Bloys said during the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

At the time, Weiss and Benioff haven't really grasped the idea of working in another show, as they still had their hands full with the show's final two seasons.

"I am not sure that the guys [Weiss and Benioff] can really wrap their heads around it when they're just about to start production. It's a pretty intense production. They're about to start production soon, but I'm open to it. The guys weren't opposed to it, but there is no concrete plans, or anything like that at this point," Bloys added.

Meanwhile, EW believes that the way it is said, it appears as though HBO's first ever follow-up to a series will be a way for the pay TV to extend the revenue it gets from the blockbuster series, much like what Disney does with the Marvel Universe and Star Wars franchise.

With that said, there is a good chance that the Game of Thrones spinoffs would be set in a pre-Westeros era or — at least — one where very few of the current characters in the show will be appearing in. EW revealed that there will be "a variety of different combinations and options are on the table" including the idea of having a miniseries.

Still, there is an uncertainty as to how much of the ideas conjured in the spinoff "battle royale" will actually be used and brought to the screen, but we do know that there is a high possibility that it would also be a hit since it will be cut from the fan-favorite cake that is the Game of Thrones.

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