Jimmy Graham Goes Silent After Returning To Seattle: Is This Seahawk Player Getting Ready For New Season?

Jimmy Graham getting ready for a new season

Jimmy Graham was shocked and upset when he learned he had been traded a few years ago. Graham had played in New Orleans for the Saints for years, and no one really expected him to be traded. And somehow, he ended up in Seattle to play for the Seattle Seahawks. The expectations were high, but due to injuries, it took a while before Graham was able to really show what he is capable of. And maybe this season is the one where Jimmy Graham will take the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, as he appears to be ready and without injury.

And based on his social media activity, it sounds like Graham is ready to focus on the football season ahead. During the off-season, Jimmy has been posting pictures of his aircraft, and he recently revealed that he had flown across the country to Seattle to start work again. But that appears to be his last post. According to a new Instagram post, Jimmy Graham hasn’t posted anything on social media since arriving in Seattle, and this could hint that he’s focused on the season ahead. His last Instagram post was weeks ago, and it documented his amazing journey across the country.

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“Miami-Seattle the 1957 Army Beaver flew like a warrior! 3.5 days, 27.7 hours of flying, 637 gal of fuel, 5.5 gal of burned oil, 9 diff airports,13 states averaging about 90 mph only a few thousand feet off the ground. Sometimes hundreds! We are both back where we belong ready to continue working. #gohawks #armybeaver #kenmoreair #flyitlikeustoleit #flightacrossamerica #88,” Jimmy Graham wrote on Instagram in late April, revealing that he had flown a plane from New Orleans to Seattle.

In April, Jimmy had posted several pictures of his aircraft on social media and it is clear that he’s excited about getting on the plane and taking off. However, since arriving in Seattle, his social media accounts have been silent. And one can imagine that Graham is ready to get back to work now that the draft is over. And his outlook may be more positive this year, as he isn’t struggling with any injuries this year.

“For me, no,” Jimmy Graham has revealed about his injury last year, as he was preparing for the 2016 season, according to My Northwest, adding, “For me, my knee is getting stronger and stronger. Every morning I’m still up and I’m still in here working as hard as I can to build the strength up in it, to get even more explosion back and to get more of my power back, which still isn’t there. Right now it’s good enough to be out there and it’s good enough to be out there for my team, so I’m excited because this is just the beginning and I’m only going to get better and better.”

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“I’m not gonna be out there halfway tippy-toeing. I’m not gonna kind of stick my toe in the water and see if it’s cold. I’m gonna play and I’m not even gonna think about it,” Graham explained last year about his injury.

The Seattle Seahawks were thrilled with this year’s draft, and it sounds like the team is more than ready for the upcoming season. Head coach Pete Carroll has revealed that he’s thrilled with the draft, as they got what they wanted. And with the entire team returning with no one injured, it sounds like this could be the year that Seattle takes home another Super Bowl title.

What do you think of Jimmy Graham ditching Instagram to focus on the season ahead? Do you think this season could be a winning season for the Seattle Seahawks?

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