June 29, 2017
Like It Or Not, The iPhone 8 Might Really Follow These Recently-Leaked Designs

The iPhone 8's design is slowly coming to form, as leaks and rumors about the smartphone continue to emerge in a steady stream. With multiple leaks and reports seemingly corroborating each other, it appears that the iPhone 8's final design has been effectively leaked. While the design itself continues to polarize avid Apple fans and mobile enthusiasts alike, there is little doubt that the iPhone 8 would be a radical departure from the last three iPhones that Apple has released.

Rumors about the iPhone 8's physical design have experienced a spike recently, as veteran Twitter leaker OnLeaks and upstart leakster Benjamin Geskin released what appeared to be the actual schematics of the upcoming handset. Following these were image leaks seemingly depicting a mold for an iPhone 8 protector, as well as a sample transparent case. Overall, the leaks seem to be saying the same thing, and when such things happen in the mobile industry, there is a good chance that they might be true.

With this in mind, it appears that the iPhone 8 would definitely follow a vertical dual-camera setup, as shown in both the leaked schematics, renders and on the photographs of the smartphone's case. This rather unique configuration has not been given an explanation by leakers to date, though initial speculations about the rationale behind the design choice are quite interesting.

One of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 8's vertical dual-cameras state that the configuration would be optimized for landscape viewing, which might correspond to the device also being optimized for augmented reality. Over the past few months, Apple has made its stance known about AR, with the tech giant teasing that it is taking the emerging tech very seriously. Thus, while unconfirmed, the iPhone 8's vertical cameras might be designed in order to give users a premium, seamless AR experience.

An especially interesting design element in the leaked iPhone 8 schematics involves the fingerprint sensor of the device. Before the alleged iPhone 8 schematics made their debut, other renders and leaks suggested that the upcoming Apple flagship smartphone would feature a fingerprint sensor on its back, just like the Galaxy S8. These rumors emerged after reports surfaced stating that the embedded fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 is giving the tech giant notable production problems.

If the leaked schematics for the upcoming smartphone are any indication, however, it appears that the iPhone 8 would not feature a fingerprint sensor at its rear panel at all. Needless to say, avid Apple fans and iPhone enthusiasts have welcomed this news very well. While the schematics appear to confirm that Apple would not be placing the iPhone 8's fingerprint sensor at the back of the device, the feature's final location remains unknown to date.

Rumors have been contrasting regarding the iPhone 8's fingerprint sensor, with some stating that the security sensor would be embedded in the display, and others stating that it would be integrated in the device's Power Button. Speculations about the latter emerged after the leaked schematics depicted that the iPhone 8's Power Button was at least twice the size of the iPhone 7's, suggesting what appears to be an added function for the physical key.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be launched alongside two other iPhones this year, with rumors suggesting that Apple would be debuting the 10th-anniversary device together with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, updated variants of the 2016 flagships. Speculations about the release date of the highly anticipated device suggest that the smartphone would be launched around September, with the iPhone 8 shipping around October or November. Pricing for the iPhone 8 remains unknown for now, though rumors suggest that the device would be priced somewhere north of $1000.

[Featured Image by Kiichiro Sato/AP Images]