David Beckham Still Uncertain About Club Future As Offers Pour In

Tomorrow marks the departure of David Beckham, the face of Major League Soccer, from the Los Angeles Galaxy after spending nearly six years with the MLS.

Beckham has so far kept quiet about his plans after leaving the Galaxy following Saturday’s MLS Cup finals, but that hasn’t kept people from speculating as to where Beckham will end up next. Reports indicate that AS Monaco could be interested in making a bid around the upcoming January transfer window.

Although Beckham has yet to decide where he’ll likely finish up his soccer career, he tells Fox Sports that all of the talk about Monaco’s interest is “flattering,” as are all of the other offers he’s received.

“I heard about Monaco on the way to training this morning from a friend in London who said ‘I hear you are going to Monaco’. That was the first I’d heard of that,” said Beckham. “I’ve got some interesting and exciting options on the table.

“I am very flattered by some of the options that I’ve got. I still feel I can play and I’m not considering retiring. I’ve still got managers like Carlo Ancelotti and Harry Redknapp and Sam Allardyce coming out that are saying they’d love me to play and they know how professional I am, it means a lot to me.”


Monaco isn’t the only club looking to nab Beckham. Top clubs from Australia, Brazil, Russia, China, and France are all said to be interested in offering Beckham contracts of their own.

“I’ve always said I think I would struggle to come back and play in England because I’ve played for the biggest club in the world, the biggest club in England, Manchester United, and I couldn’t see myself playing for any other Premiership team,” Beckham added.

“But you never know. Like I said, we’ve got some exciting options on the table. I do think we’ll be spending a little more time in England because it’s good for the kids to see their grandparents.”