Surface Book 2 Rumors: Better Hinge Design, 4K Display And Longer Clipboard Battery Life

When Microsoft launched the first-generation Surface Book, it dubbed the powerful hybrid as the “ultimate laptop.” Considering the raw power that the machine was equipped with and the unique design it featured, such a moniker was definitely well-deserved. Inasmuch as the Surface Book is already an excellent device, however, it still has a lot of room for improvement. If rumors are any indication, it appears that the Surface Book 2, the follow-up to the powerful laptop, would indeed address these improvements.

The original Surface Book was a monster of a machine, and it got even better with the release of the Surface Book i7 with Performance Base last year. While the Surface Book is a near-perfect laptop, however, users and critics alike have noticed a number of areas where the hybrid could still improve on. Among these, of course, is in the design of the laptop itself.

One of the most notable things about the Surface Book’s design is Microsoft’s Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge, which enables the device to transform into a tablet and a laptop without the need for a Surface Pro-esque kickstand. While the feature is innovative on its own, it came with a notable quirk. Due to the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge’s design, the Surface Book could not fully close like a conventional laptop, according to a TechRadar report. Instead, the device would always have a gap between the bottom of the display and the top of the keyboard, thanks to the hinge’s unique design.


This particular design issue is expected to be addressed by the Surface Book 2, with rumors stating that the follow-up device to the acclaimed hybrid laptop would feature a hinge that is far more ergonomic than its predecessor. Speculations have also claimed that Microsoft might utilize the gap created by the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge as a means to hold the Surface Pen 2, the rumored rechargeable version of the Surface Series’ most iconic accessory.

Other rumors, however, state that the Surface Book 2 would abandon the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge altogether. According to a BGR report, speculations have emerged stating that Microsoft would be pursuing a more traditional form factor for the Surface Book 2, complete with a 13.5-inch display and a premium clamshell design.

Yet another aspect of the Surface Book that is expected to be improved with the machine’s second iteration is its battery life. The original Surface Book could last a decent amount of time away from the wall socket, provided that it is in laptop form. When used as a tablet, however, the Surface Book proved to be extremely lacking in battery life. Needless to say, these have been targeted mercilessly by critics of the machine.


Rumors about the Surface Book 2 suggest that the upcoming device would feature a far more capable battery than its predecessor. Battery life is one of laptop users’ fundamental concerns about mobile computing devices, as the machines are designed to be utilized on the go. Thus, while Microsoft has not leaked nor confirmed any speculations about the Surface Book 2’s battery, there is a pretty good chance that the endurance of the upcoming machine would definitely be an improvement over the first-generation hybrid.

Apart from a better hinge and a more powerful battery, rumors are also high that Microsoft would be equipping the Surface Book 2 with an improved display. The original Surface Book already came with a premium screen, but the quality of the display could still be enhanced. With this in mind, speculations are high that the Surface Book 2 might debut with a stunning 4K display. This would all but ensure that the device becomes a favorite among professionals, as the display’s resolution would make the Surface Book 2 perfect for graphics-intensive tasks.

The release date of the Surface Book 2 remains unknown, though speculations still point to a possible 2017 launch for the device. Pricing for the Surface Book 2 remains unknown as well, though expectations are high that the device would be priced at a similar price range as its predecessor.

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]