Dallas Cowboys Still Behind DE Randy Gregory After Drafting His Replacement?

As the Dallas Cowboys say hello to Taco Charlton, are they ready to say goodbye to Randy Gregory? One of the biggest questions the Dallas Cowboys are faced with in the next phase of the NFL offseason is what to do with defensive end Randy Gregory.

The talented, yet seemingly always unavailable Gregory might end up a free agent if the Cowboys keep having to wait to see what he can do on the football field. But not so fast! Gregory has a fan in Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys appeared to have taken Gregory’s replacement in the NFL draft this past weekend by selecting Taco Charlton. Few know how good of a pro he will be. Charlton does fit a tremendous need for the Cowboys at defensive end. Dallas had to do something to overcome the erratic play of DeMarcus Lawrence and a year-long suspension (courtesy of TMZ) of Randy Gregory.

TMZ is reporting of a more recent drug test Randy Gregory took and failed after the one which he is serving a suspension for. If there is any accuracy to the report, it would be the seventh time Gregory has tested positive for drugs.

What most people have speculated is the Cowboys’ defensive end has struggled with a marijuana problem which has nagged him since college. If that is the case, it is pot that has kept Randy Gregory off the football field while leaving the Dallas Cowboys in a bind. The Cowboys did address their biggest need in the draft, but they are hoping to rely on their incumbents.

DeMarcus Lawrence is still in the Cowboys’ plans. As for Gregory, who allegedly failed his third drug test, everyone will have to wait until 2018. Jerry Jones is still behind him (courtesy of the Dallas Morning News), in spite of not getting a proper return on his investment.

“At this time right now, I think he’s a great asset for the Dallas Cowboys. Now, we need him on the football field. In the time last year that we watched him come back and play, candidly I don’t know that we saw that type of talent in this draft. The point is we do support him.”

Before throwing his support behind Randy Gregory, the Cowboys’ owner admitted that he has not heard from the NFL about another failed test.

And I don’t know what another means. I’d be very dubious of any information as regarding, I find that ambiguous. As far as comments and people talking about it, now if Randy said he did, then I take this back.”

It is honorable for Jerry Jones to back his player. That is something the Cowboys’ owner has done over the years. Getting to the business of football, it is difficult to see him turn his back on Gregory off the field. On the football field is a different story.

Randy Gregory chases down Byron Marshall.

Randy Gregory needs help. Also, the Cowboys should get to the crux of his marijuana problem. If they already know why Gregory uses pot, then it should be revealed to present it to the league as a reason to ease the restrictions on the drug.

Does Randy Gregory use marijuana for anxiety, for pain tolerance? Perhaps it should be made public. In a world where CTE has started to run rampant with NFL players any bit of help, they can have to cope with the effects of playing football must be considered. That would help players such as Gregory, who is not alone.

As for performance on the football field, the Dallas Cowboys need players who can contribute. That is where the importance of drafting Taco Charlton comes in at. He fits a need for the Cowboys.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. gave the Dallas Cowboys a B-minus for their draft grade primarily because he felt they reached for Charlton. If the Michigan product can stay on the field and be a steady performer the Cowboys have already improved their biggest weakness. Now that they have, the Cowboys, primarily Jerry Jones can help Randy Gregory the man, not the football player.

[Featured Image by Harry How/Getty Images]