‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Michael Muhney Teases ‘Y&R’ Return, Is Adam Newman Coming Back To GC?

The Young and the Restless showrunners have not revealed if Adam Newman, formerly played by Justin Hartley (This Is Us, Kevin Pearson), will come back to Genoa City. There is so much speculation about Adam, and most of it centers around Michael Muhney stepping back into the role, again.

Muhney has been teasing Young and the Restless fans for months that he would return to the CBS soap opera. He has shared many petitions, shared throwback pictures on the Y&R set, and most recently, gave a fan a very vague answer on if he was going to play Adam again.

On April 28, a Young and the Restless fan tweeted, asking Muhney to confirm if he was returning to the show. She posted that all she wanted was for Michael to confirm or deny that he is coming back to the show. He replied, “Okay.”

The Young and the Restless fans went crazy. Was he confirming his return or did he simply mean that he would confirm when he had news? No one really knew, and he didn’t follow it up with any type of clarification, either.

Last year, Adam was pronounced dead (again). Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) confronted him in the cabin when she knew he was alone, and told him that she couldn’t live unless he paid for “killing” Delia (Sophie Pollono). Not long after Chloe left, the cabin exploded. It isn’t known if Adam had time to escape or if he died in the fire. Yet, the Young and the Restless fans remain hopeful that Adam will come back to Genoa City eventually.

A few months ago, Sally Sussman, Young and the Restless head writer, told TV Insider that she had no desire to bring Adam back “anytime soon.” She also said that she wouldn’t be revealing Christian’s paternity until Adam is back on the canvas. She admitted that it could take “years” to bring him back.

“When and if an Adam comes up, then we’ll deal with it. I’m not looking to bring that character back nor do I want to do a paternity reveal involving a character who is off-camera,” Sussman explained. “Unless there is a compelling reason to have Nick (Joshua Morrow) learn the truth, I see no reason to go there. What purpose would it serve to do it now?”

Pieces of her interview with TV Insider have been talked about at length in the past few months. One juicy tidbit she revealed was Philly (Phyllis and Billy) was a mistake and would not be a part of the storylines moving forward.

“Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and Billy (Jason Thompson) will not be together anymore. That ship has sailed. It’s one thing that they were drawn to each other. Phyllis certainly had a motive for making emotional decisions. What Victor did to her was absolutely disgusting. But it was wrong to have them be in love.”

Executive producer Mal Young told Soap Opera Digest that Philly was “always the plan” and revealed that Philly is here to stay. It seems to contradict everything Sussman said. If she gave “incorrect information” about Phyllis and Billy, there is the possibility that she threw the Young and the Restless fans off about Adam Newman’s return.

The anxious fans wait for news of Adam Newman’s return because the word on social media is that he could be coming back by November sweeps!

The Young and the Restless fans, do you think Michael Muhney will return to the CBS soap opera? If not, will Y&R recast the role? Will Nick ever learn that Christian isn’t his son?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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