Caitlyn Jenner To Meet With VP Mike Pence For A Private Dinner, Wife Karen To Chaperone

Caitlyn Jenner announced to Bravo’s Andy Cohen that she has a private dinner planned with VP Mike Pence, which is creating endless questions based on Mike Pence’s many rules about himself and women. In the past, Pence has been clear that he is not allowed to be alone in a room with a woman without his wife there, but when creating this rule, the former anti-LGBT Indiana governor likely never considered that he would make dinner plans with the transgender Olympian. But just to be sure, Caitlyn Jenner is letting the public know that VP Mike Pence will have his wife, Karen Pence, there to chaperone.

Mike Pence might seem like an odd dinner companion for Caitlyn Jenner, as his views on the LGBT community caused a mob to drop by Pence’s new D.C. digs to throw a “Gay Dance Party” on his lawn, complete with loud dance music and lots of glitter, reports the Inquisitr. Pence is thought to be the member of the Trump administration behind abolishing the LGBT bathroom choice policy and is said to be an advocate for church programs that “pray the gay away.”

Caitlyn Jenner had a sit-down with Andy Cohen at a SiriusXM Town Hall on Wednesday and spoke about her interest in changing Mike Pence’s mind about his position on LGBT issues. She explains that she has been disappointed with the policies that Pence instituted in Indiana.

“[Pence] has come up when he was governor [with] some of the most anti-LGBT issues. I know that. The American Unity Fund worked very closely to take that legislation and really get it out of there. And he came back kicking and screaming. And did sign some stuff and did better with that on that issue.”


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Caitlyn explains that she met Mike Pence at a private party around the time of the inauguration and then had an intimate dinner at a private home with a handful of people.

“I walk up looking fabulous. I was introduced to him and … I said, ‘I came in a few months ago and I sat down and had a private dinner with 16, 17 evangelical Christian conservative Republicans at a private dinner, at a private home and we had a three-hour conversation on the issues — on faith, on my community.'”

From there, Caitlyn says that she wanted to continue the conversation with Pence alone. She says that the VP agreed to have dinner with her.

“I said, ‘It was such a wonderful conversation. I would love to share that conversation with you. He looks at me and said, ‘You know what? I would love to have that conversation.'”

Caitlyn Jenner told Andy Cohen that she is aware that Mike Pence won’t allow himself to be alone with a woman who is not his wife, and so she appealed to Karen Pence to please join in on the Caitlyn Jenner/Mike Pence private soiree.

“I turn to his wife, who was standing right there. And I reach out and I grab her hand and I look her right in the eye and I said, ‘I would love to have you in on that conversation.’ And she looks at me and goes, ‘Don’t you worry, I’ll be there.'”

Okay, to be a fly on the wall!

And while wrapping your mind around an intimate dinner party that would include the ultra-conservative Mike Pence and Caitlyn Jenner, consider what Jenner is trying to achieve with these meetings. Word is that Caitlyn Jenner is considering a run for office. Caitlyn Jenner is likely one of a few conservative Republican transgender women, so her core group of followers can’t be that large.

Jenner claims that despite supporting Donald Trump and attending his inauguration, she was shocked to see that he is not being supportive of causes that she considers personal. But Jenner blames Jeff Sessions for most of the issues.

“He’s the bigger problem. Trump is the middle of the road. I ultimately hold him responsible.”

At the inauguration, Caitlyn Jenner said that Donald Trump invited her to come play golf with him at Mar-a-Lago, and while Caitlyn considered it at the time, she now says she wouldn’t do it because of what the LGBT community would say and do.

“I would get destroyed by my community. My loyalties are not with Donald Trump. My loyalties are not with the Republican Party. My loyalties are with my community, and to make it better for my community. I think it wouldn’t be very respectful of my community to be visible out there and play golf with Trump.”

But Jenner says she would love to have the ear of President Trump privately, sneaking in and out of the White House in a way that is more private than playing 18 holes with Trump on a golf course. And Caitlyn Jenner says that she has not given up running for office at this point.

“Can you see a Senator Jenner? Hmm!”

Do you think that VP Mike Pence will really have a private dinner with Caitlyn Jenner, along with his wife, Karen Pence, as a chaperone?

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