WWE Rumors: Hardy Boyz To Split Up, Jeff Pushed Into Main Event Feuds, Matt To Become ‘Broken’

The Hardy Boyz have been on a wild path since returning to WWE less than a month ago, but it seems as if there are much bigger plans in place for Matt and Jeff. While they have had great success as a tag team, there is obviously money to be made in allowing them to go their separate ways. Rumors are beginning to circulate that the team will eventually split with Jeff Hardy jumping into the main event while Matt Hardy becomes “broken.”

On Sunday, the Hardy Boyz will defend their Raw Tag Team Titles against Sheamus and Cesaro on the Payback pay-per-view. While they’ve been back with WWE for less than a month, the long-term plans for both Matt and Jeff are starting to leak out, and they’re quite interesting.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, WWE had been in communication with TNA Impact Wrestling to strike a deal which would allow Matt Hardy to use his “Broken” gimmick again. Well, it appears as if things are progressing well in those talks as he may soon be able to return to the persona that has been so popular with the fans.

wwe rumors jeff hardy matt hardy boyz broken main event brock lesnar finn balor
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

According to Cageside Seats, rumor has it that WWE has actually reached an agreement with TNA to buy the “Broken” gimmick from them. This could be the reason that Matt has been showcasing more of the “Broken” mannerisms and expressions on TV, which were seen this week on Monday Night Raw.

For anyone that follows him on Twitter, he has been jumping back and forth between different gimmicks and personalities for weeks.

It is not known when or how this transformation will happen for Matt, but it doesn’t seem as if Jeff Hardy will transform into Brother Nero. According to IW Nerd, when Matt becomes “Broken,” he will move out on his own while Jeff Hardy will keep his extreme WWE gimmick and move into the main event scene.

IW Nerd is reporting that Jeff is a huge merchandise mover, and it was proven during his last 2008-2009 run in WWE when his merchandise sales topped those of even John Cena. Not only would a singles push help WWE money-wise, but there are big plans in place for Jeff as well.

Rumor has it that the brothers won’t only be split up as a team, but they will actually be separated onto different brands. Broken Matt is expected to move to SmackDown Live while Jeff would remain on Monday Night Raw for some big-time feuds.

wwe rumors jeff hardy matt hardy boyz broken main event brock lesnar finn balor
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

Once the split happens, it looks as if Jeff Hardy will be pushed into the main event and placed in feuds with Finn Balor and even Brock Lesnar. Anyone and everyone would love to see Balor vs. Hardy as it would be two similar wrestlers from different eras going head-to-head.

As for Brock Lesnar, that would also be a good match-up as Jeff Hardy has played the underdog many times in the past. Longtime fans will remember his iconic ladder match against The Undertaker on Raw and the time he won the Intercontinental Title from Triple H on SmackDown.

Having the Hardy Boyz return as a tag team was the right thing to do, and it led to an incredible WrestleMania moment, but splitting them up may benefit them both in the future.

When the brothers returned to WWE, they won the Raw Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 33, which was their first night back. Legal issues have kept the Hardy Boyz from using the “Broken” gimmick, but it finally appears as if TNA Impact Wrestling is willing to give up those rights and let them go. If this is indeed happening, the rumors of Matt becoming “broken” and Jeff Hardy jumping into the main event scene may come true sooner rather than later.

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