April 26, 2017
'My 600-LB Life' Teretha And Chad Pictures: See The Remarkable Weight Loss For The Pair

My 600-LB Life fans will get a chance this week to catch up with Teretha and Chad, with pictures of the former patients showing off their remarkable weight loss since first appearing.

After a string of difficult episodes --- with this season featuring some of the most stubborn and medically challenged patients in the show's history --- My 600-LB Life has taken a different tack in the last couple of weeks. The last two episodes have featured past patients, who have now come back from the brink of death and have some amazing transformations to show off.

This week's My 600-LB Life features Teretha Hollis-Neely, a Detroit woman who weighed more than 800 pounds at her peak. As those who watched her episode will remember, Teretha was running low on hope and feeling desperate when she came onto the show.

"I have just let myself go to the point that I am bedridden," Teretha said (via the Daily Mail). "I do everything from my bed. I am literally a prisoner from my weight, and I can barely move now."

"It has been two years since I have been able to get up out of this bed. I am not OK not being able to go out. I mean months go by and I don't go outside. Hell, seasons change, and I don't get to go outside."

But now Teretha has undergone a massive change, losing more than 300 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery. Much of the change came quickly. After Teretha was admitted to the hospital and put on a strict diet, she lost 210 pounds in just the first four months. She was able to return home after that, but had more difficulties and ended up back in the hospital after passing out at home.

As Monsters and Critics noted, the update episode of My 600-LB Life now shows Teretha getting some further help.

"An additional surgery to remove a large skin mass called a lymphedema on Teretha's right leg finally allows her to move back to Detroit.

"In her recovery phase, Dr. Nowzaradan arranged for her to use a lymphedema pump to help stimulate the stagnant circulation in her legs."

There is still some difficulty ahead for Teretha, who has worked hard to change her eating habits but is fearful that she could revert to the lifestyle that originally brought her onto the show. But Dr. Nowzaradan has a hopeful tone for Teretha, saying that he will remain committed to keeping her on track to good health.

Chad has seen a similar transformation since appearing on My 600-LB Life. Like Teretha, Chad became homebound after gaining hundreds of pounds. At more than 700 pounds, Chad had to quit his job as a trucker and ended up in a deep depression, Monsters and Critics noted.

But he has since seen a string of successes, and like Teretha he has lost more than 300 pounds. Pictures of Chad after his My 600-LB Life appearance showed a different man, one who has been able to go back to work again.

Chad shared some of his weight loss pictures online, even starting a GoFundMe page to raise money for loose skin removal.

"Need help to afford all the co-pays that the insurance don't cover and cost of living while I'm out of work for recovery I've been working really hard before surgery try to save but I'm not quite going to make it," Chad wrote on the page.

Fans who want to see pictures of Teretha and Chad after appearing on My 600-LB Life can find all the photos of their transformations by clicking here.

[Featured Image by TLC]