'Young And Restless' Spoilers: Billy And Phyllis Prepare To Go Public, Hilary Surprises Devon, And Lily Flirts

"Philly" is back on, and Young and Restless spoilers tease that Phyllis and Billy will soon be facing some intense pushback over their renewed relationship. At this point, nobody else in Genoa City is aware of their revived romance, but that is about to change. Wednesday's show brings some developments on that front, and Y&R teasers suggest that there is progress on Devon and Hilary's divorce and a bit with Juliet, Cane, and Lily as well.

Young and the Restless spoilers via SheKnows Soaps share that Billy will suggest to Phyllis that they head out for breakfast together, but she won't feel ready to go public like that yet. She may be hesitant, but Billy notes that he doesn't want them sneaking around again, so the two agree to fill Jack and Victoria in on their news now. The two head to Jabot in separate vehicles and run into Jack as they park.

The three will head up in the elevator together, making small talk, and Young and Restless spoilers detail that she will follow Jack to his office and try to persuade him to let go of his ongoing disdain for Billy. He'll tell her that he is moving on, but that doesn't mean he is forgiving Billy, and they'll butt heads as he tries to keep the discussion only on business. Y&R teasers note that Phyllis will mention she is seeing someone now, but she won't tell him that it's Billy.

Mishael Morgan plays Hilary on 'Young and Restless'
Hilary's 'GC Buzz' segment makes an impact on 'Y&R.' [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

It is time for Devon and Hilary to go to court and get their divorce finalized, and Young and Restless spoilers detail that Neil will voice concern that Hilary might pull out a surprise of sorts. However, things apparently go smoothly in court, and afterward, they'll talk briefly and share a bit of a moment when he helps her find her car keys. Y&R teasers indicate that Devon will take his ring off as they talk, but Hilary won't remove hers quite yet.

Hilary will head to the GC Buzz, where Mariah is working with George on the show changes, and Young and Restless spoilers note that Mariah will voice some frustrations that she doesn't have much to do on the show at this point. Things will get tense when Hilary gets a little bossy, but Mariah will soften after Hilary talks during her segment about how she was responsible for her marriage falling apart.

She'll go on to talk about how she wants to grow, and Y&R teasers indicate that she will take her ring off on-air. Devon will be at the studio watching, and he'll commend his ex-wife's bravery afterward. Jordan lends his support to Hil, and Mariah asks Devon why he didn't mention that his divorce had gone through that day. As this all plays out, Hilary and her ex will exchange some glances, leaving some to wonder if this marriage truly is over for good.

There will be a fair amount of action at Brash and Sassy as Juliet and Victoria talk about their evening out, Jordan and Lily chat about their recent appearance, and Billy shows up and gets plenty of kudos for orchestrating the hockey deal. Soon, Billy and Victoria will be alone, and Young and Restless spoilers share that he will fill her in on what happened with Bella's paternity, and he'll admit that there is something else he needs to tell her.

Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil play Cane and Lily on 'Young and Restless'
Will Juliet cause trouble for Cane and Lily soon on 'Y&R'? [Image by David Buckner/Getty Images]

Cane and Juliet will chat for a few moments, and Y&R spoilers share that she'll talk about her drunken evening out with Victoria, and he'll rant about Billy. She'll encourage him to develop a plan that will overshadow Billy's, and soon Lily will connect with Cane, and they'll be flirtatious and lovey toward one another. Of course, Lily has no idea that Cane is hiding a big secret from her, and things will escalate on this front soon.

As the week continues, Soap Central indicates that Hilary will be struggling with her feelings regarding Mariah's relationship with her ex-husband. Young and the Restless spoilers hint that Billy will hold off on telling Victoria about his romance with Phyllis, as Victoria is said to bring up the idea of reconciling with her ex again. However, it seems that Phyllis will come clean with Jack, or he figures it out, and Victoria will soon be livid and lashing out. Victor orchestrates a major surprise for Nikki while Nick considers coming clean, likely with Chelsea, about the secrets he's hiding about Victor, Chloe, and Adam's death.

Can Philly make a real go of their romance this time, or will issues with Jack and Victoria tear them apart again? Are Devon and Hilary really over for good, and can his relationship with Mariah flourish? At what point will Juliet's scheme with Cane blow up in his face? Young and the Restless spoilers hint at juicy developments ahead, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.

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