Donald Trump’s First 100 Days: Promises Trump Has Kept In His First 100 Days That We All Need To Know

Donald Trump's administration is on the verge of completing its first 100 days and questions are being raised about his achievement during this tenure. Trump's road to the White House included some bold promises and pledges that he claimed would be fulfilled once he takes the office. During the rallies, he used to call it "100 days contract" with people of America.

Donald Trump's first 100 days will be completed this Saturday, and people want to know how much he has actually accomplished and whether he has delivered on the poll promises. To be precise, Trump had made 38 specific promises, and it appears that most of them will take more time to be completed. Donald Trump recently claimed that he had done more than any other president in first 100 days.

President Trump poll promises
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It is worth considering that most of the poll promises such as repealing and replacing Obamacare, calling China a currency manipulator, banning Muslims, and huge tax cuts for the middle class were poll rhetoric and can not be delivered within first 100 days, if delivered at all. On the other hand, Donald Trump has completed few of his poll promises within the time frame promised by him.

Banned Lobbying by Former Administration Officials

Donald Trump signed an order banning executive officials from lobbying after they leave office, as reported by Time. The restrictions were upgraded to five years from the previous two-year ban by Obama administration. The order also imposed a lifetime ban on former White House officials from lobbying foreign governments.

He fulfilled his pledge to "drain the swamp" by issuing this order. Trump had said that individuals should work to "Make America Great Again" and not think about their income by peddling their influence. The ban was described as historic but it is yet unclear how it would be enforced.

Refused President's Salary

President Trump had promised that he would not take the annual president's salary, which is $400,000. Trump declined to take the salary of $78,333 for the first quarter and rather chose to hand it over to National Park Services. The check was handed over earlier in the month to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

His critics claim that it is just a publicity stunt by Trump, but it does not negate the fact that he is not taking a salary as per his poll promise. Sean Spicer had stated that it is not easy as one would think to hand over your money to the government.

Keystone Pipeline

Donald Trump's first 100 days also saw the approval of Keystone pipeline. The approval allowed the Canadian company to complete the pipeline and funnel crude oil from Canada to Gulf Coast, as reported by My Statesman. The construction of the pipeline was blocked by Obama administration and was opposed by several environmental groups.

The initial block and opposition were because the pipeline would cut through Ogallala Aquifer, one of the world's largest underground deposits of fresh water and also result in 17 percent more greenhouse gasses compared to the standard crude extraction. However, Trump had called the pipeline "incredible" and "the greatest technology known to man or woman."

Two-For-One Regulations

During his meeting with the business leaders within a week of taking office, Trump had promised to reduce the regulations by 75 percent or more. He delivered on this promise when he signed an executive order on January 30.

Trump Supporters want to know his accomplishment.
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The order required agencies to repeal two regulations for every new regulation. This move is expected to benefit small businesses and entrepreneurs. The order applied to all executive agencies including those overseeing banking, transportation, and healthcare.

Pulling Out of TPP

Not just within first 100 days in office, but Trump had completed this promise on his third day in White House. Trump had signed an executive order withdrawing U.S. from TPP. After dumping the pact, Trump had said, "Great thing for the American worker what we just did."

Obama administration had negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that would have resulted in the loss of American jobs. It is worth noting that the Congress did not ratify the deal and during the campaign, even Hillary had spoken against it.

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