'General Hospital' Spoilers: What Happened On Cassadine Island? Memories Return To Jason

GeneralHospital spoilers revealed that Jason will begin having memories of his past. What really happened on Cassadine Island will finally be revealed.

Jason Struggles To Remember

General Hospital teasers hinted that Jason (Billy Miller) will fight to remember more of his past, but he still has missing memories.

Jason still believes that Helena (Constance Towers) was just using him on Cassadine Island. Jake was on the island and Jason is afraid that his son may have seen something horrible that could traumatize him.

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General Hospital fans will be happy to know that he will eventually piece together all of the information and will finally understand why Jake has been so shifty lately.

Jason Will Dig For The truth

Once Jason realizes the truth, he definitely will not be happy, but he will need to remember exactly what happened so that he can help his son get over this and hopefully repair some of the damage that was done.

Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will also support Jason because it is important for her to see them all uniting as a family.

General Hospital spoilers make it seem like Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Franco (Kelly Monaco) will also be there for Jason as he deals with Jake and his guilty conscience.

However, Jason won't like Jake getting too close to Franco.

At the moment, it seems like Franco is the only one who can get through to Jake. Will Jason allow it for the sake of his son?

What happened to Jake on Cassadine Island? Take a few more steps toward the truth, today on #GH! #GeneralHospital

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Jason and Liz show Jake a photograph of Jason before the accident. Jake says he doesn't want to talk about it and leaves the room.

Jason let Liz know that his face looked like that back when he worked for Helena, according to Daytime Confidential.


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Back To Cassadine Island

More General Hospital spoilers hint that in the episodes ahead, Jason will continue to dig for answers and think that there is more to the story that he needs to find out.

Jason will apparently think he has done all he can from Port Charles and head to Cassadine Island to look for more answers. However, CelebDirtyLandry makes it seem like his search could lead him to something totally unexpected.

Poor Jake. That little boy didn't ask for any of this, but has still found himself torn between two families. What did Helena do to him on that island? #GH #GeneralHospital

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What horrific experience did Jake have on Cassadine Island? It will finally be revealed on the upcoming episodes of General Hospital.

What do you want to see happen next on General Hospital? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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