WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Leaving 'SmackDown' Soon, Who Will Replace Him as General Manager?

The WWE Universe has been more than happy to welcome Daniel Bryan back to WWE television each week, but his tenure as the General Manager of SmackDown may be coming to an end sooner than the fans would like. Daniel Bryan's contract with WWE doesn't expire until sometime next year. Obviously, he would prefer to wrestle again, but it's unlikely that WWE officials will ever allow him to wrestle for the company again.

Most people believe that Bryan has done a great job as SmackDown's GM. He's provided a strong authority figure for the brand alongside Shane McMahon, but he has also done good work with WWE Superstars like The Miz to elevate their position on WWE programming. For instance, his beef with Miz added heat for him as one of the brand's top heels after the brand extension. It's just a shame their rivalry didn't end properly.

There is no question that Daniel Bryan and WWE officials will find new ways to utilize Daniel Bryan and his popularity with the WWE Universe to continue making SmackDown a must see program every week. WWE officials may be forced to end his run as the GM or at least give him a hiatus from the role because it's being reported that Daniel Bryan may be taking a hiatus from WWE television for well known personal reasons.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella Are Expecting to Have Children Soon
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Last October, it was announced that Brie Bella was pregnant with her and Daniel Bryan's first child. It's now known that they will welcome a daughter at some point this spring, which is just around the corner. Most of the WWE Universe won't be surprised if Daniel Bryan is written off WWE television for awhile to be with his family after Brie gives birth to their first child. In fact, it was rumored months ago that he could be leaving.

Daniel Bryan could be off WWE television for a few weeks or even a couple of months. It's more likely Bryan will only be off SmackDown for a little while, but the time frame of his hiatus will determine if he should be replaced as the General Manager. The fans support him, and he's done a good job, but Shane McMahon may be forced to find another performer to fill the role if Daniel Bryan's hiatus lasts longer than expected.

Based on the rumor, Shane McMahon will be the sole authority figure on SmackDown once Bryan leaves to attend to his family. On paper, it's only for a few weeks. However, a lot of things can change if he feels that it is more important to be at home than on every week, especially because Bryan isn't totally happy in the role.

Shane McMahon Will Replace Daniel Bryan as SmackDown GM
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It's likely that WWE will be open about Daniel Bryan taking some time off after Brie Bella gives birth. There will probably be an announcement on Raw and SmackDown when it happens. There have not been rumors about Bryan resigning from the role as the General Manager of SmackDown, but it's still interesting that his hiatus could be an opportunity to make a change, which could be a great idea heading into the summer.

Unfortunately, Kurt Angle is already the General Manager of Raw. Kurt moving to SmackDown Live seems unlikely unless he's fired once Stephanie McMahon returns from her hiatus. There are some possibilities for a new General Manager to emerge on SmackDown in Daniel Bryan's absence. WWE officials are very likely to keep everything the same, but there is the possibility that his hiatus causes a big change for SmackDown over the next few months.

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