WWE News: Shane McMahon Expected To Fire Daniel Bryan to Take Him Off WWE TV

The WWE Universe knows that Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are expecting their first child together soon, so SmackDown‘s general manager isn’t expected to remain on WWE television for much longer. It’s apparent that his passion isn’t being featured in an authority role. He’s shared his opinion on the matter, and it’s clear Bryan will most likely leave SmackDown and the GM role once Brie Bella gives birth to their child in April.

Unfortunately, that means Shane McMahon will be forced to replace Daniel Bryan as the SmackDown GM if he takes too much time away from WWE in the first months of fatherhood. Stephanie McMahon is likely to replace Mick Foley as Raw‘s GM as well, so both McMahons could be making some major changes soon. At the moment, the most rumored name to take one of the roles is future WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

It has been reported that Angle is the frontrunner to replace Mick Foley as Raw‘s GM alongside Stephanie McMahon, but he’s also being rumored for a role on SmackDown as well. Daniel Bryan likely won’t be taken off WWE television until after WrestleMania 33, so if Angle or anyone else replaces him, it will be after the biggest show of the year. However, the biggest question is how WWE officials will write Bryan off television.

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On paper, Daniel Bryan may not have to do anything since WWE has given him and Brie Bella such special attention about them becoming parents on WWE television and during shows like Total Divas. The WWE Universe is aware of the situation. WWE may just need to acknowledge that he will be taking time off and replace him on SmackDown with someone else. It doesn’t absolutely have to be part of a WWE storyline.

However, the WWE Universe adores Daniel Bryan and having him back on SmackDown almost every week is something they won’t want to lose. Therefore, the better option could be to write off Bryan in some way to benefit WWE storylines. For instance, The Miz has been undercutting SmackDown‘s GM for months. If The Miz were able to get Daniel Bryan fired, that would be a lot of heel heat to come his way after WrestleMania.

There are many ways for WWE officials to write Daniel Bryan off WWE television, but the best way could be for Shane McMahon to fire him. After all, Shane is technically his boss on WWE programming, and he hired him. A situation could arise where Shane O’Mac had no choice but to fire Daniel, or it could be the start of a heel turn for him that would give him a new character after the grandest stage of them all later this year.

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Shane McMahon will be wrestling a match at WrestleMania. As of this writing, his opponent for the event isn’t confirmed, but WWE officials have laid out plenty of seeds for a rivalry to begin between Shane and AJ Styles soon. The expectation is Styles will be the heel in the feud, but he has been gaining a strong following with the WWE Universe over the last few months, which could lead to the WWE Universe turning him face.

If Shane McMahon were forced to fire Daniel Bryan, all the seeds planted by AJ Styles that he’s been treated unfairly by SmackDown‘s commissioner could come into play and turn the WWE fans against Shane after WrestleMania. It won’t be an easy booking choice for WWE officials, but the loyalty that the WWE Universe has for Shane McMahon can only be surpassed by Daniel Bryan, which could be useful for a heel turn.

All of that is just speculation for now because there are too many ways that WWE could write Daniel Bryan off WWE television. It’s not even a guarantee that Bryan will have to stop appearing as the SmackDown GM after his child with Brie is born, but it’s likely that WWE may have to find a way to take him off WWE TV soon.

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