Shania Twain Reveals New Music Release Date After 'The Voice' Appearance & It's Very Soon

Shania Twain is revealing when we can expect to hear new music from her after making history as a guest judge on The Voice.

After staying away from the music scene for several years, Twain confirmed that she'll be releasing new music this year in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight by teasing that fans can expect a new single from the country/pop star in June with a new album to follow in just a few months time.

"I have a new single coming out in June," Shania teased of her first single since she dropped "Today Is Your Day" six years ago to accompany her 2011 documentary series Why Not? with Shania Twain on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network. "I'm kicking off the summer with a new song, and then I'm finishing the summer with the release of the album," Twain said.

Shania then teased that fans can expect to hear new music as early as this week, as Twain admitted that she plans to debut her new single – the title of which is yet to be announced – during her big performance at the Stagecoach festival on April 29, while also noting that the album is already finished.

Though Shania didn't give too much away about her first single, she did tell the outlet that her first single in six years is both "optimistic" and "hopeful."

Shania Twain Reveals New Music Release Date After Appearing on 'The Voice'
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"The first single is so optimistic and hopeful -- regardless of how bad life could get," Twain said of her new music. "I really needed that message."

Notably, Shania has been open about her struggles after divorcing husband Robert Lange back in 2008, even telling Oprah Winfrey that she was so devastated at the time that she "didn't want to live" after People reported that she discovered he had had an affair with her close friend and assistant.

Twain has since married again and appears happier than ever right now, telling Entertainment Tonight this week that she's pretty excited to release a new album into the world as she hasn't actually given fans a new album of original material since the release of Up! back in 2002, an album that was certified 11 times platinum in the U.S., according to RIAA.

"It's been such a long time since I put out a studio album," Shania Twain said of the 15-year gap between her last album and her upcoming release, confirming that she wrote her new album, which makes her new music "a real statement of independence" and a form of therapy for her.

"Creative independence is something that I haven't had in a really long time," Twain said, hinting that she didn't always have the creative freedom she craved in her past releases, despite The Boot reporting back in 2011 that Shania has sold an incredible 75 million records in her career, a figure that has likely only grown even higher in the past six years.

"It was really scary taking that leap. The album's done, and I feel really good," Shania continued of her much-anticipated return to the music world, confirming that her release is ready to go.

Shania Twain confirms 2017 new music release date
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Shania's big new music revelations come after Twain served as a fifth coach on Season 12 of The Voice on March 24, marking the first time the NBC show has welcomed an advisor to sit alongside the regular coaches – this season Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys – and offer their critiques to the contestants in the iconic spinning red chair.

Shania had pretty much nothing but sweet things to say to the top 12 contestants on The Voice during her short stint as a coach, and Twain appeared to be just as full of praise for the show and its talent off-camera.

Twain tweeted along with the show on social media, writing that she was "Loving every minute of this!" while sitting alongside the coaches.

"Thanks again everyone for your support. Loved reading all your tweets!" Shania added in another message to her fans following the show. "Good luck to the #VoiceTop12, thx for having me! #ShaniaOnTheVoice."

Are you ready to hear brand new music from Shania Twain?

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