'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly Faces A Choice, Jason Struggles Over Missing Memories, And Ava Scrambles

Things are getting juicy in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of April 24 will be jam-packed with great stuff. Carly and Sonny's marriage has been smashed to smithereens and Tracy has an adventure ahead of her. The tidbits that Jake is sharing about his missing years with Helena are going to kick off a new flurry of revelations, and GH teasers hint that Monday's show will kick things into gear.

According to the General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Carly will be making a major decision that will change her life. Jax is being forced to return to Australia since Sonny pulled strings with immigration, forcing this newly-reunited couple apart again already. However, Jax has asked Carly to bring Josslyn and join him there, leaving Port Charles behind.

Would Carly really leave Port Charles and build a future with Jax in Australia? She may be tempted, and Jax is said to be quite convincing in his pleas with her. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that she will face some heartbreaking moments as she decides that she needs to stay in Port Charles and bid farewell to Jax.

Ingo Rademacher plays Jax on 'General Hospital'
Ingo pleads with his ex-wife before leaving Port Charles on 'GH' [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]

Carly may bid farewell to Jax, but GH teasers indicate that she will be making some bold moves in the episodes ahead that will shake things up. The buzz is that she may align with Ava to help her gain custody of Avery from Sonny, and Soap Central hints that Ava's luck is about to change. In addition, Carly may do something that accidentally nudges Nelle and Michael closer to one another.

Jake has been revealing mysterious tidbits here and there about his missing years with Helena, and recent drawings led Elizabeth and Franco to wonder if he might be afraid of Jason. General Hospital spoilers detail that Jason will struggle to figure out what else from his past he is not remembering and soon he will be taking big steps to try to find answers. GH teasers have hinted that a big trip to Cassadine Island may be on the way and fans are bracing themselves for some juicy twists and turns.

As the week of April 24 plays out, General Hospital spoilers reveal that viewers will see new information regarding Anna and Valentin's relationship surface and Nina will continue to be stressed over this connection and the future of her marriage. Tracy will be making some decisions regarding what to do about her surprise half-sister, and GH teasers share that this will pave the way for Jane Elliot's exit next week. Will fans be left satisfied or disappointed by how this iconic character leaves the canvas?

Finola Hughes plays Anna Devane on 'General Hospital'
Is there a big twist related to Anna about to emerge on 'GH'? [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

General Hospital spoilers hint that Lulu and Dante will be getting some good news soon, but Hayden is going to be facing a disappointment of sorts. Lucy will consider telling the truth about what she knows regarding Morgan's medications and Ava, but it doesn't sound as if the truth is emerging quite yet.

Viewers will see quite a bit of Ned and Olivia over the course of the next few shows, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nathan will be feeling impatient. He's got a big case he'll be working to break, but Maxie has been out of town, and it sounds as if he may be feeling frustrated with the separation he's experiencing from his new bride. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are some big reveals as well as juicy twists and turns coming as the May sweeps period begins, and fans are anxious to see where things are headed next.

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