WWE Rumors: Braun Strowman's Next Match Will Involve A Dumpster, But Will Kalisto Triumph?

Monday Night Raw tonight will be nothing if not crazy. Aside from Roman Reigns making a one-time appearance before he goes on an extended leave, the latest WWE rumors suggest that Braun Strowman will be going absolutely bonkers in his next match -- this one between himself and Kalisto, which will be absolutely brutal (and hilarious). As if destroying Roman Reigns in an ambulance wasn't enough, Braun Strowman has decided that this match between himself and Kalisto will involve a dumpster. No wonder Braun is known as the most savage of superstars on the roster!

According to Cageside Seats' latest round of WWE rumors, poor Kalisto got kidnapped by Braun Strowman and chucked in a dumpster. What a fate! This, of course, led the little guy Kalisto to challenge Strowman to a dumpster match. Kurt Angle, the new general manager of Raw, went ahead and booked the match, because this is Raw and this is what is done.

Strowman, of course, responded in the most classic way he knew how.

But this beef between Braun Strowman and Kalisto is just the latest in awesome moves by the superstar. It seems that, whether the WWE wanted it or not, Braun Strowman is becoming a bit of a superstar.

According to the latest WWE rumors from Forbes, the numbers don't lie: Braun Strowman is a hit among Raw viewers.

"WWE's Raw viewership, with Strowman in the main event against the Big Show, drew 3.346 million viewers. In a period widely known as the post-WrestleMania lull, this fell in line with 2017 averages. Not only did this week's number represent the smallest decline of viewership for a mid-April Raw since 2013—when viewers actually increased for Undertaker's return—it outdrew last year's Raw in the same time period, reversing an annual trend."
And while people were originally critical of Strowman because of his lack of "experience" -- that is, he never battled in the Ring of Honor -- the fans have slowly but surely warmed up to him since the brand split in July.According to a different WWE rumors report from Forbes, Braun Strowman is quickly ascending to "super-heel" status in the organization because of his popularity.

The man born Adam Scherr was originally a competitor in Strongman competitions, so you know he's already a beast in the gym. While there are many wrestlers that are strong and lift weights, Strowman lifting the ambulance with Reigns in it (and subsequently tossing Kalisto into a dumpster) established that he's on a different level from the rest.

"Strowman's stardom doesn't necessarily have to stop at the WWE level. He looks to be a natural for his share of movie and/or TV roles. We're not talking about dramas and subtitled love stories. Action, sci-fi, adventure, thriller and horror films appear to be more up his alley. When you look at him, he looks like a level boss in a video game. Perhaps that's even a possibility."
Wrestling fans, now it's your turn: What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Do you like Braun Strowman as a superstar?

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