No Gwen Stefani Has Not Become Inspired To Have Another Baby Because Of Janet Jackson

Gwen Stefani is in the limelight quite often these days ever since she took on the role as co-judge on the hit show The Voice. In her first season on the show the singer had just split from her husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale and she was enduring the difficulty that accompanies divorce. However, the beauty found support and understanding in Blake Shelton, one of the co-judges on the show and a well known country star.

Since this point, the two have become the most adored couple in the music industry and are often seen gushing over one another on the show and during other red carpet events and interviews. As expected, ongoing rumors constantly surround the lovebirds regarding engagements and marriage and even pregnancies, yet all have turned up false as of yet.

The most recent story, however, involves Stefani being inspired to consider pregnancy all due to pop icon Janet Jackson recently delivering a healthy baby, her first, at the age of 50.

Gossip Cop shares details about these latest claims regarding Jackson and Stefani.

"...Jackson, as a 'late-in-life mom,' has 'inspired' Stefani to have one more child with Shelton. The outlet first regurgitates such readily available information as Jackson was 50 when she gave birth to her baby boy Eissa, and that Stefani is currently 47 years old. It then follows that up with a seemingly made-up quote that wishy-washily alleges Stefani 'isn't focused on it obsessively, but seeing Janet Jackson have a healthy baby at 50 has inspired her to open her mind more to the possibility.'"
Despite such a claim, GC has discovered that the story is absolutely false, either due to the source's information being false or perhaps on the part of the publication simply making the news up entirely. The tabloid responsible for the story is none other than Hollywood Life, which has been discredited on numerous occasions in the past for fake news.

As for Gwen and Blake, the couple are going strong but have yet to share any news regarding having kids or tying the knot. It seems as though the two are simply enjoying their loving relationship as it is. It's been noted that the flirtatious couple has drawn in a massive amount of viewers to The Voice this season all due to their adorable interactions. The talent on the show obviously gets some credit as well.

As for Jackson, shortly after giving birth to her first child, the superstar announced she was filing for divorce from her husband. The two have carried on in a very private relationship over the years and reasons for the divorce are believed to be due to his progressively controlling nature over Jackson and their daughter in recent months.

Despite such speculation, the facts have not been made known by the singer. A relative close to the star also explained that Janet's record in relationships speaks for itself, that being that she does not tend to stay in relationships too long. Cheat Sheet shares the words of the said source.

"It looks like a money grab but it's not about money. She's never in a relationship too long. Her longest was [musician] Rene [Elizonda] and that was for [nearly] 10 years [1991-2000]. Marriage doesn't agree with her. She doesn't agree with marriage."
The relative also explained that Janet truly does prefer to hold a certain amount of control in her life and felt that she was not able to in her marriage to Wissam Al Mana.
"She loves to be in control. She ceded that control [in marriage] and she was not happy about it. She wants to get back to being Janet Jackson and not Mrs. Wissam Al Mana or being the obedient Muslim wife."
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