Odin Lloyd’s Mother Speaks After Aaron Hernandez Suicide Death

Less than two years after Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison for the 2013 shooting death of Odin Lloyd, the former New England Patriots tight end was found hanging in his prison cell, purportedly leaving three suicide notes behind, one for his alleged prison lover, according to Fox 61.

Initially, Ursula Ward, the mother of Lloyd, remained silent about Hernandez’s death, but she subsequently opted to speak out “for all families of murdered loved ones seeking justice.”

“I pray to God that his soul is at peace,” said Ward. And why she thinks justice prevails even though the murder conviction may be erased. “Because no matter what, the jurors found him guilty. So that in my book he’s still guilty, in my book and in my family’s book.”

“It’s not about the civil case, it’s about my son Odin Lloyd. It’s about families that lost their loved ones and we need justice. There are so many families out there in the world that don’t have the opportunity that I have right now to speak on their family’s behalf because the media is not involved in their life.

“There’s so many unsolved murders out there that the media is not involved in. It’s not even about Odin Lloyd, it’s about the person that committed the crime for Odin Lloyd. If it wasn’t for that, you guys wouldn’t be here to ask me questions about Odin Lloyd. Today I’m speaking up for Odin Lloyd and for the families out there that are fighting for justice that don’t have the voice that I can provide for them.”

Despite Hernandez’s suicide death, attorney Doug Sheff stated that it will not affect the wrongful death suit filed against the former New England Patriots tight end, as Lloyd’s family contrives to move forward with the suit.

It has now come to light that Lloyd’s mother is now asking for $6 million from the New England Patriots, stating that since Hernandez’s committed suicide in his prison cell by hanging himself with a sheet before the appeal, he will now “likely be deemed innocent,” making his death beneficial to his family.

Legal Analyst Mark Dana said that “will free up money owed by the Patriots and the NFL. All of these monies, wherever they may come from, will be filtered into the estate.”

Although the final decision on where the money will go will rely heavily on a jury, Dana says that “if a wrongful death jury comes back and says the Lloyd family is entitled to $20 million, that could end the entire discussion and the Hernandez family could get nothing.”

“We urge the New England Patriots to work with the player’s association to voluntarily make these payments of little consequence to the team, of tremendous assistance to these struggling, deserving families who are hurting, like Ursula’s,” said Sheff. “That would be the best thing to do. That would be the right thing to do. And that would make the Patriots Ursula Ward’s champion.”

“It’s important for transparency that the family is afforded the opportunity to examine the evidence,” said the Hernandez’s family attorney, George Leontire.

Meanwhile, Hernandez’s remains are due to be sent to his family in Connecticut for arrangements.

After Hernandez’s death, rumors circulated and many were questioning whether or not the former NFL player committed suicide or if he was murdered.

However, an investigation determined that Hernandez took his own life and left behind three suicide notes. One was for an alleged prison boyfriend, who is currently on suicide watch, and the others were left for his fiancé and 4-year-old daughter.

Police officials say that Hernandez’s suicide notes may indicate that he killed Lloyd to keep his sexuality a secret.

[Featured Image by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images]