‘Big Brother 19’ Cast Spoilers: Is Fresh ‘BB19’ Cast A Better Decision Than All-Star 2017 Season?

Big Brother 19 cast spoilers may have been revealed, even though the exact composition of the BB19 cast has been kept under wraps. There had been a high number of rumors about the 2017 summer installment, many of which focused on how the reality competition show could be working on a second All-Star cast.

A post by casting director Robyn Kass on Twitter has drawn a lot of attention as she sought to increase interest in the Big Brother 19 casting calls. This follows a series of posts from Kass, host Julie Chen, and the main website for the show where advertisements for new cast members have been made. While this isn’t a guarantee that the BB19 cast is going to be comprised of new houseguests, it does provide a heavy hint for which direction production is leaning this year.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Big Brother 19 schedule has already been revealed by CBS, letting fans know when episodes will air during summer, 2017. The BB19 season premiere is scheduled for June 28, meaning new episodes will be on CBS in just about two months time. That’s not a large window in which to put together a new cast, but it should be plenty of time for the producers to get the job done.

The BB19 episodes are going to air on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Sundays, which will provide a familiar format to fans who have been tuning in for years. The CBS live feeds will be turned on once the two-hour season premiere has aired on the West Coast, but subscribers will have a lot of catching up to do at that point. Though the first episode airs on June 28, the Big Brother 19 cast will have already been inside the house for several days.

As a reminder for fans, the Big Brother 18 winner was Nicole Franzel. As a returning houseguest, Nicole had a built-in advantage to playing the game, but she prolonged her stay by taking part in a showmance with Corey Brooks. Corey made it all the way to the final four, but couldn’t survive to compete in the final Head of Household competition. In the end, Nicole beat out James Huling to make the final two and was then awarded the $500,000 prize with a 5-4 jury vote over Paul Abrahamian.

Taking advantage of the new CBS All Access format, producers rolled out Big Brother: Over The Top as an online show during the fall. All episodes took place online, with subscribers to the feeds getting a chance to watch everything take place live. The subscribers also got to help decide who would win the season finale, as Morgan Willett won the $250,000 prize. The Big Brother: Over The Top cast had a returning houseguest, as Jason Roy (from Big Brother 17) participated and finished in second place.

While there may be some Big Brother fans disappointed that producers aren’t putting together an All-Star cast, there had been a lot of backlash on social media about the idea. Some possible Big Brother 19 spoilers indicated that this could even be a season comprised only of past winners. Those BB19 rumors were spurred on by host Julie Chen, who had hinted that it was something she would like to see from a future season. This could be an idea that CBS and producers are holding back for when Big Brother 20 airs in summer, 2018.

All of these latest Big Brother 19 rumors are circumstantial still, as all of the chatter on social media could be designed to keep interest up and keep fans guessing. It’s all free publicity for the reality competition, especially if fans are debating the merits of having an entirely fresh BB19 cast or group of All-Stars from the past. The most important Big Brother 19 cast spoilers haven’t come out yet, but the days are counting down until Robyn Kass and her staff officially reveals who is entering the house this summer.

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