Older 'Persona 5' Characters Players Can Date In The Game

Persona 5, the latest role-playing game from Altus, is starting to get some serious attention from gamers. With its exciting gameplay where players can activate their Persona powers to battle out supernatural enemies and rid the world of evil, the game offers the perfect combination of role-playing, dungeon, and some pretty interesting social simulation.

In fact, it is this social simulation aspect of the game that piqued the interest of some gamers. While the plot of the game is unusual enough, what is even more interesting is the social simulation scenarios it presents to gamers. Basically, the series introduced an idea that borders on taboo -- gamers playing as male teenagers can date adult Persona 5 characters many years their senior.

In Atlus' latest role-playing game, players take on the role of a male Japanese high school student who is around 16-years-old. As with previous titles of the franchise, the game offers players opportunities to explore relationships with adult Persona 5 characters, reports Kotaku. And yes, that includes dating, kissing and even sleeping with them, though thankfully, the deed is done off-camera. Here are some of these older beauties players are bound to bump into.

Sadayo Kawakami

Kawakami is just your average working lady struggling to make ends meet by juggling two jobs. The Persona 5 character is the homeroom teacher during daytime but later swaps her school attire for a maid uniform at night as she does her house-cleaning rounds.

It is during her nighttime role that Kawakami will be more open to romantic entanglements. Gamers just need to avail of her house-cleaning services often, and with the two of them alone in the room, things could develop from there.

Ichiko Ohya

Another older Persona 5 character that players can try to get romantic with is Ichiko Ohya. She is a described as a hard-working reporter for the local paper. Players will eventually end up trading positive press coverage for some details about their latest run-ins with the bad guys.

Ohya is also an alcoholic. Thus, meeting the older Persona 5 character is usually done at night inside one of the bars in Tokyo's red light district. With this setting, it is not hard to imagine how one's relationship with Ohya could evolve from work-related into something else despite their age difference.

Tae Takemi

Players definitely need the assistance of Tae Takemi, a general practitioner. The Persona 5 character comes handy with her experimental meds that could have some unexpected side effects such as knocking you out cold for hours with no recollection of what happened. And of course, getting close to the punk Takemi is one of the options players might want to try out.

Diversity of Persona 5 Characters

However, there are some gamers who feel that the title could use some improvement as far as the roster of characters is concerned. In fact, it appears that the clamor for gay Persona 5 characters is getting louder as can be seen in the comments by players in an A.V. Club report.

"As a gay dude, I was really hoping they would throw in an M/M romance route or at the very least make some inroads from the pretty mean-spirited ways they've treated most of the queer characters in the Persona series, but damn if they didn't f**king go backward in Persona 5," a gamer named Seth Carlson lamented.

Other gamers also complain that the game has no problem with dating one's teacher but, at the same time, consider's same-sex relationships inappropriate. Another complaint that Atlus should rethink its portrayal of gay characters who are currently either classified as jokes or threats. As gamer Carlson puts it, Persona 5 is a blunt reminder that, as a gay dude, the "series either hates my guts or sees me as a joke."

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