'Dragon Quest Heroes II' Demo And Videos Showcase New Characters Before Its Release

As the sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4 on April 25 in North America and April 28 in Europe, Square Enix is giving fans an early look at the game's cast. The roster in DQH II has increased to 15, which is two more playable characters than the original.

The latest video posted to their YouTube channel shows off heroes Alena, Kiryl, and Torneko. You can see the full trailer embedded below.

Torneko is a recurring character in the Dragon Quest series, known for his signature striped muumuu and debut appearance in Dragon Quest IV. He's new to the melee action in Dragon Quest Heroes II and brings a collection of unconventional weapons to the fray. He is seen joining returning Heroes characters Alena and Kiryl, both of whom also hail from Dragon Quest IV. Alena is an energetic martial artist described as the "Queen of Combos," while Kiryl is a solid defender type.

While the above trailer highlights more of the cinematic qualities of the game, all three of these characters can be seen in action during an hour-long gameplay livestream that Square Enix hosted on Twitch. The video can be viewed in its entirety below, but be forewarned the commentary is peppered with anecdotes about a chicken nugget eating contest.

The entire cast of DQH II is showcased in a series of seven videos that can be viewed in the following playlist on YouTube.

In addition to Torneko, Alena, and Kiryl, other familiar playable characters are Maribel (Dragon Quest VII), Ruff (Dragon Quest VII), Carver (Dragon Quest VI), Terry (Dragon Quest VI), Meena (Dragon Quest IV), Maya (Dragon Quest IV), Angelo (Dragon Quest VIII), Jessica (Dragon Quest VIII), and Healix.

Lazarel and Teresa are two more playable characters who are new to the Dragon Quest series and serve as the game's protagonists. Cesar and Desdemona join them as newcomers to the roster.

In addition to new characters, DQH II is set in a different world from the first game and features its own unique storyline. The game also features a new online multiplayer co-op mode, which allows up to four players to hack-and-slash enemies together.

For those who want to try it for themselves before they buy, a demo for Dragon Quest Heroes II can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store for free. The demo does not give players access to the entire roster in the full version, limiting your exposure to four of the 15 total characters. Lazarel and Teresa are the new characters included in the demo, while Heroes veterans are sure to recognize Carver and Maribel.

If you like the gameplay experience, or become enamored with the characters and decide to pre-order before the release date, you can secure yourself a copy of the Day One Explorer's Edition, which comes with several add-ons and bonuses not included in the standard edition of the game. Among the bonus items are 15 exclusive weapons and a reversible slipcover for the box.

Pre-ordering the digital version on the PlayStation Store nets players an exclusive PS4 theme, a Hero Costume from the original Dragon Quest, plus a "Healix the Hero" recipe that can be used in another PS4 game, Dragon Quest Builders.

Dragon Quest Heroes I and II are available as a bundle on the Nintendo Switch in Japan, but a Western release date for a similar set has yet to be announced for other markets. Best Buy did briefly have the bundle listed on their online store that serves the U.S., but the product was promptly removed. The release has caused some concern for Switch owners, as the bundle requires 32 GB of hard drive space. Considering the Nintendo Switch comes with only 32 GB of hard drive space out of the box, expanding the system using external memory is required.

Are you excited to play Dragon Quest Heroes II on PC or PlayStation 4? Or are you holding out for a worldwide Switch release? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Square Enix]