Amber Rose Picks Sides In Bernice Burgos Side Chick Drama As T.I. And Tiny Harris Head For Divorce

T.I. and Tiny Harris’ divorce drama has been heating up as Tiny and the alleged “side chick,” Bernice Burgos, go at each others’ throats on social media, prompting Amber Rose to pick a side and offer up some advice. It’s not clear exactly why Amber Rose decided to discuss T.I. and Tiny’s divorce, considering that she wasn’t caught up in it. It turns out that Amber has an opinion about T.I.’s reported involvement with Bernice Burgos, that has since turned into a well-publicized feud between Tiny and Bernice.

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Amber wants to know where is T.I.? While Tiny Harris and Bernice Burgos attempt to rip each other to shreds on Twitter and Instagram, no one is pointing fingers at T.I. for stepping out on his wife, which, if true, is the catalyst for all this chaos to begin with.

According to SOHH, Amber Rose was asked to weigh in on the Bernice Burgos drama that just doesn’t seem to go away.

“My thing is nobody is saying anything about T.I., everybody is saying everything about Bernice but really nobody knows anything. No one knows facts. So, that’s what makes me so frustrated that immediately you go towards the woman. It’s all her fault, she did it, she’s the one that seduced him when really it’s a mutual thing. Right? It takes two to tango. She’s saying that she’s not doing it. I don’t know what he’s saying. Tiny’s probably just upset because that’s her husband. I get it. It’s a big ol’ mess and I just feel like as women we need to stick together. There’s an easier way to get this done. Tiny, call her, have a mature conversation and figure out what the hell it is.”

After all, this certainly isn’t the first time that T.I. has been linked to a woman who isn’t his wife. It was last year when T.I. was reportedly cheating on Tiny with a well-known Atlanta escort named Ana Montana. Most recently, he’s been linked to Bernice Burgos.

Tiny Harris didn’t take the Bernice Burgos cheating drama well and ended up lashing out at T.I.’s alleged mistress on social media last month. Most recently, Bernice bit back at Tiny by posting a video of herself dancing and singing along to “Just Kickin It” by Tiny’s group, Xscape.

Isn't this Tiny's song?????????

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Tiny responded by posting a message for Bernice Burgos that said, “Funny… @realberniceburgos that Man U speaking of was laid up with his wife last night. So quit being petty cause you clearly getting lied too [sic] if u thinking anything different! Now keep sanging my s**t! U know u slick a fan anyway.”

That’s when Bernice Burgos clapped back at Tiny Harris and dragged T.I.’s wife for even coming at her. She even claimed to be trying to be funny with the Xscape video and said if she wanted to be petty, she would have quoted the Biggie Smalls line that made fun of how ugly the members of Xscape were instead. The line that Burgos is referring to comes from the song “Just Playin (Dreams)” where Biggie said, “I’ll f**k RuPaul before I f**k them ugly a** Xscape b***hes.”

The whole drama between Tiny Harris and Bernice Burgos has blown up into a huge feud, while T.I., who Amber Rose says should be blamed for this whole mess, sits back and has all the fun. So Amber, like a few others who have been following the Tiny and Bernice feud, feels like maybe it’s time for the women to come together and start asking T.I. some questions about why he’s been playing both women rather than coming for each other.

Do you agree with Amber Rose that it’s T.I. who made this whole mess that caused Tiny Harris and Bernice Burgos to fight with each other on social media? Do you think that maybe they should go after him now instead? Sound off in the comments section below.

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