Update 1.3 For Nintendo Switch’s ‘Super Bomberman R’ Described As ‘Ridiculously Good,’ Find Out Why Here

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Konami just deployed a free update for Super Bomberman R, patching the Nintendo Switch title to version 1.3. The publisher is also planning to release characters from other Konami games.

The official Konami website laid out the complete patch notes for the latest game update, and one of its highlights is the improvement of Super Bomberman R’s frame rate. Konami doubled it from 30fps to 60fps, and it looks like gamers are pleased about this change. One even described it as “ridiculously good.”

“And the RIDICULOUSLY GOOD update that Super Bomberman R just got has brought me back to it. (Seriously, they upped it from 30 to 60fps!),” Twitter user @TGCritique wrote.

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Here are other reactions gathered from Twitter regarding the Super Bomberman R update, specifically increasing it to 60fps.

“Super Bomberman R finally plays like the old games in the series now that it runs at 60fps. Thanks, Konami (wow I’m writing this in 2017).” – @tsumori_

“Super Bomberman R just got a patch that made the Battle mode 60fps, Konami did something right for the first time in a while!” – @SuperZubario

“Reading lots of good words on the 60fps Super Bomberman R patch. Will pop it back in to see for myself soon!” – @mudkif

“Oh SH*T, the Super Bomberman R update changed the framerate to 60FPS? GOOD.” – @GenkiJAM

“Wow! did Super Bomberman R just get updated? because the online is running smooth and now the game is in 60fps not bad!” – @Michael_H_Art

“Super Bomberman R’s patch is brilliant. Who ever heard of a patch that bumped a 30FPS game to a 60FPS game?” – @Plainsville

Although Twitter posts about the Super Bomberman R update seem to feature positive reactions from gamers, a post on GamePur noted that running the game now to 60fps resulted to lowering the graphics quality.

“The 60FPS improvements are much needed one but according to the reports coming from the players, post patch 1.3, Super Bomberman R does run at 60FPS, but the graphics have taken a big hit. It seems like developer took the axe to the polygons,” the report read.

Here’s a before-and-after comparison video of the game’s new framerate, posted by GameXplain on their YouTube channel.

Aside from enhancing the game’s framerate, the Super Bomberman R publisher also “made slight adjustments and improved the controls.” New content has also been added to update version 1.3 of the Nintendo Switch game. These include new Vs stages – the Lagoon, Power Zone, White Cross, and Max Speed. Furthermore, it brings in a new series of accessories, namely Crowns and Bombs. This content can be purchased at the in-game shop by using gems that are earned by playing the game.

Super Bomberman R gamers definitely do not want to experience lags while they play it on their Nintendo Switch console. Thankfully, the latest update can help them with that as Konami and game developer Hexadrive ensure that lags could be reduced when all your opponents in Online Battle mode have a good network connection.

Other major enhancements and features one can do after getting the free update for the Nintendo Switch title include altering the inclination of the Story Mode map by pressing L/R, fixing the camera position via Basing Settings, and picking COM’s strength on Multiplayer Battle Mode.

Fans of the Nintendo Switch game can also expect three new cross-over characters coming to the game. Although release and pricing details for these characters are yet to be disclosed, GameSpot, citing a report from Japanese cite Famitsu, revealed that Simon Belmont from the dark fantasy-themed action-adventure video game Castlevania, Vic Viper of shoot ’em up Gradius, and Pyramid Head from survival horror Silent Hill are all set to


Super Bomberman R was released on March 3 as one of Nintendo Switch’s launch games. It currently has a Metascore of 62/100 and User Score of 6.6/10 from Metacritic.

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