Meghan King Edmonds’ Daughter Gets Helmet And Faces Backlash: ‘I Hope Your Daughter Dies’

Meghan King Edmonds is a first-time mother and it sounds like she loves everything about it. She has been documenting her journey on Instagram and it sounds like her daughter Aspen is thriving with Meghan and Jimmy Edmonds. Since Meghan shared her IVF journey with fans on Instagram and on The Real Housewives of Orange County, fans love seeing how her daughter is thriving these days, especially since King Edmonds is rumored not to be returning to the show. So when Aspen needed a helmet this week, Meghan had no problem sharing this news with her fans.

According to a new Instagram post, Meghan King Edmonds is now facing some backlash but not because of her daughter getting a helmet. Apparently, Meghan shared a video of her daughter in a jumper and her dog licking the baby’s face. While it was a cute video, Meghan faced some harsh comments.

“It’s quite possible that too many of this exact photo shoot have contributed to why we are getting this bug a helmet! And yet even at the helmet place I can’t help myself! (By the way I’m kidding, we did everything and more to try to prevent her from getting a helmet but she is still getting one and we can’t wait),” Meghan King Edmonds revealed on Instagram this week, revealing that her daughter Aspen has been spending too much time on side of her head, resulting in a flatten head.

It is very common for babies and many parents decide to get a helmet for their children, so their skulls can grow out again to fix the flattened part. This kind of thing happens when babies sleep on one side of their heads too much. But it sounds like King Edmonds is ready to make the best of this situation, as she feels that her daughter can confidently wear this helmet.

“Nothing better than my babies playing together! (Disclaimer: The helmet is a basic safety precaution for her jumper. JUST KIDDING you guys, it’s a Doc band to shape her wonky skull),” Meghan King Edmonds later revealed for a video on Instagram, showing how Aspen is wearing the helmet.

“My nephew had to wear one for 6 mos. It is becoming more common these days. I think we adults are running around w misshaped heads and don’t even know it,” one Instagram follower explained about her experiences with a baby helmet, while another added, “My daughter used the helmet and her head came out perfect. We painted her helmet for all the holidays she looked adorable.”

While many people shared their stories about babies wearing these helmets, one person wrote something that is so rude and inappropriate. It is one thing to disagree with Meghan King Edmonds’ way of being a mother, but it is quite another to hope death on a baby.

“I hope your daughter dies t get pin worms from your dogs tongue…. dogs lick their privates… this bacteria travels… should never let a dog lick your mouth,” one rude follower wrote to Meghan King Edmonds after watching the video, where Meghan’s dog licks Aspen’s face.

While the video was meant to showcase how the helmet works and how Aspen is rocking the helmet, one person decided to take it too far. This is why celebrities don’t like sharing personal things on social media. Many others have changed their minds about being honest about their lives because of these harsh comments. No word on how King Edmonds will handle it, but one can imagine she will block the follower and ignore the comment.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds’ follower who wished death on her daughter? Are you surprised that people take it so far?

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