Chris Brown’s Lawyer Speaks Out After Karrueche Tran’s Restraining Order Gets An Extension

Chris Brown’s ongoing court battle with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran reached a fever pitch on Wednesday after the “Privacy” singer’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, took to Twitter to defend his client against accusations of domestic violence and threatening behavior.

Earlier this year, Karrueche Tran filed a temporary restraining order against Chris Brown after revealing in a sworn statement to a judge that the singer had physically assaulted her on at least one occasion during their on-again, off-again relationship. Tran further urged the court to grant an extension to her temporary order on grounds that Breezy has verbally threatened her and her family, as well as claiming that the singer will not allow her to move on from their relationship without fear of retribution.

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Despite Karrueche’s efforts, the Claws actress’ attorneys revealed last month that they were having difficulty serving Chris Brown with the necessary paperwork to move forward with the case, noting that the singer won’t allow his law firm to accept service on his behalf.

Now, after having to attend a second rescheduled hearing for Tran’s restraining order case, Karrueche’s lawyers told New York Daily News yesterday that the actress has been granted an extension to her existing restraining order as it becomes more difficult to serve Breezy the necessary papers in order to move forward with the case.

“Ms. Tran continues to want to get this matter put to rest,” Karrueche’s attorney, Patrick Blood, told the site. “She remains protected under the original order.”

While Karrueche has been granted an extension to her temporary restraining order, Tran and Brown’s newly rescheduled hearing regarding placing a permanent restraining order in place has been postponed until May 8.

Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, defends him against Karrueche Tran's claims of domestic violence.
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Now, with the news of Karrueche’s extended restraining order having reached social media, Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, as well as Tran’s manager, Jacob York, took to Twitter to face off against ongoing rumors surrounding the duo’s court battle.

The exchange began after Brown’s attorney gave a statement on Wednesday in which he claimed that Karrueche was merely using the restraining order case in order to “increase [her] profile for self-promotion” in addition to noting that Tran’s case was “doomed to failure.”

“I’m not here to help anybody increase their profile for self-promotion,” Geragos revealed, as reported by Gossip Cop, before further saying that Karrueche’s goal remains to go after Chris in order to “enhance” her “profile.”

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Geragos concluded by noting that the actress’ allegations against Brown are untrue and that the case against Breezy is “doomed to failure.”

In response to Geragos’ claims, Tran’s manager, Jacob York, revealed in a statement to the news site that Mark should “put up or shut up” before suggesting that Breezy’s attorney is only trying to “distract from his client’s current violent issues.”

“Mark should put up or shut up, but this sleight of hand he’s trying to do, to distract from his client’s current violent issues, is reprehensible,” York said in a statement. “This is real life and real issues, and not a topic that should be used by Mark to spin press. Let them have their day in court and let the chips fall where they fall.”

In response to York’s rebuttal, Geragos took to Twitter to criticize the manager’s statement with the message, “They can’t even serve CB with a lawsuit. Maybe they should ask their client to do it when she is following CB around the Country #teambreezy.”

While Jacob York didn’t respond to Geragos directly, Tran’s manager did fight back against a few critical Twitter users who pointed out that Karrueche took a vacation to Miami at the same time that Chris Brown’s “The Party Tour” was scheduled for a show in the vacation destination.

One fan wrote to York, “Your client took a vacay to Miami where her suppose[d] ‘Stalker’ was. She obviously doesn’t fear for her life that much. Just stop…,” prompting Jacob York to reply with, “Yeah because Miami is only 100 square yards *rolling eyes emoji*.”

What do you think of the exchange between Chris Brown’s lawyer and Karrueche Tran’s manager regarding the duo’s ongoing court battle?

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