Star In Your Own 'Gangnam Style' Video With JibJab

Kyle Murphy

It hasn't been too long since “Gangnam Style” passed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” to claim its spot as most watched YouTube video of all time. However, the incredibly popular video may have a new star ... you.

According to ABC News,, providers of political humor and dancing holiday elves, have now taken the global phenomenon to a whole new level

JibJab is allowing anyone to insert their faces into a minute-long rendition of the “Gangnam Style” music video for free.

JibJab’s “Gangnam Style” video was in a public Facebook post by JibJab co-founder and CEO Gregg Spiridellis yesterday in which he cited “relentless” requests for the song and said that the animations were “produced in record time.”

In a statement to ABC News, Spridellis said:

“‘Gangnam Style’ is a global sensation and we’re thrilled to be working with PSY and his team to allow JibJab users to put themselves, family and friends into his amazing video.”

The site has partnered with Amazon to offer video gift cards. It launched, an interactive children’s site and this month released an interactive dancing elf “machine” that can star up to twenty people as elves.

I went ahead and uploaded my face to the “Gangnam Style” ecard. My dance moves didn't look as good as PSY's, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

You can make your own "Gangnam Style" video here.