‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Camila Banus Talks Chad DiMera And What Gabi Really Wants

Days Of Our Lives fans are heartbroken that Abigail (Marci Miller) decided to end her relationship with Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn). Her reason was because of Gabi Hernandez. The two women are best friends, but when Abby faked her death, Chad and Gabi began a romance. Even though the relationship ended before it really started, Abigail feels that Chad and Gabi’s connection is too strong and refuses to be “half-loved.” In an interview, Camila Banus discussed the storyline, what Gabi really wants, why a relationship with Chad would never work, and more.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you are caught up with the NBC soap opera.

After Abigail had broken things off with Chad on Days Of Our Lives, Gabi was not interested in pursuing a relationship with him. She still has feelings for the youngest DiMera. However, there are a few reasons why she will not follow her heart. In the latest issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Camila Banus revealed that Abigail being her best friend is not the only reason she resists being with Chad. It turns out that she considers Billy Flynn’s character to be emotionally unavailable. She also refuses to be the reason for a broken relationship, whether the wife is her best friend or not.

“It’s absolutely devastating… he has a wife! She can’t compete with that. And that wife is Gabi’s best friend, someone she grew up with and cares about. Gabi loves [them both], so it’s a very difficult position to be in.”

When speaking of what Gabi sees in Chad, the actress revealed that DiMera is like Prince Charming. He is always around to save the day. However, she knows that she can’t be with him, even if Abigail did walk away from the marriage.

On yesterday’s episode of Days Of Our Lives, Gabi Hernandez made it clear that Chad needed to fight for Abigail. She revealed how to cope with an unattainable love when speaking to her brother, Dario (Jordi Vilasuso). In a complicated love triangle story, he has feelings for Abby. Gabi explained that the easiest way to get over Chad was to spent time with Eli Grant (Lamon Archey). She suggested that Dario find someone new to distract him from Abigail.

In the interview, Banus discussed Gabi and Eli’s storyline. Although the actress could not reveal if they end up together, Camila hopes that it happens.

“Gabi hasn’t had fun in a pretty long time, and with Eli, she can let go, hang out, no strings attached, and just relax. He’s an easygoing guy… I feel like this is really good for her right now.”

When it comes to what Gabi is looking for in a man, Banus said that she is searching for stability. That is something she has never had. Her father was not around when she was growing up. Although he did come back, he was recently arrested and is going to prison. She not only wants stability for herself, but also for her daughter, Ari. It seems that Eli would be able to provide that to the young mother.

However, there is one person in Salem who isn’t happy about Eli and Gabi. That individual is Julie, portrayed by Susan Seaforth Hayes. As fans recall, Gabi killed Nick on Days Of Our Lives. She went to prison but ended up getting released early due to a technicality. Julie is still angry about it and doesn’t want Gabi anywhere near her grandson.

“Gabi is a realist. She knows that she has done something terrible and that, much like a scar, it’s gonna be with her [for the rest of her life]. But, she’s also confident in herself and confident in the decisions that she’s made.”

What do you think of what Camila Banus had to say about Gabi and Chad on Days Of Our Lives? Are you hoping that Eli Grant will be the man she has been searching for?

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