Watch ‘Days Of Our Lives’ April 17, 2017, Episode 147 Full Video Online, ‘DOOL’ Recap [Spoilers]

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is one of the most popular soap operas available to watch today. Did you know that you can watch full episodes online through NBC? Below, you may watch the episode from Season 52 Episode 147 that aired on Monday, April 17, 2017. The full episode is online and is hosted at the official site. You can watch the full episode below.

Note, the following article contains spoilers. Please read only if you are comfortable with spoilers.

Love was in the air for many of Salem’s favorite couples. On the Monday episode, Brady and Nicole were talking about new alias’ when Brady vowed to keep Scooter away from her. Scooter knows the truth about Nicole and his wife, Hilary, though she likes Nicole, senses that Scooter is attracted to her. Nicole has compassion for Hilary and tries to offer her sage advice to help save her marriage. Things get tense between the two, but Nicole pacifies her fears. Nicole gives Hilary advice on putting spice back into her marriage.


Abigail and Chad prepared to renew their vows but Abigail couldn’t go through with it. She believes that Chad and Gabi are destined to be together and if she can’t be the main person in Chad’s heart, she doesn’t want to be with him. Andre is team Chad, Jen is team Abigail and Kate is team Gabi. There is much conflict to be had between the three, but none as entertaining as Kate and Andre. Meanwhile, Gabie has met a new man named Eli and she’s doing her best to keep her mind and energy off of Chad.

Chad and Abigail had a heart-wrenching talk after the renewal was called off. Chad was devastated but Abigail was convinced she had done the right thing. Chad begged Abigail to give their love and family another try, but Abigail refused. Though she was heartbroken, she couldn’t get over the fact that Chad and Gabi could understand each other without speaking and she wondered if Chad truly would have saved her first.


Brady finds a package at the door and Nicole states that it was for her. She knew it was really from Scooter, but she pretended to have ordered toys for the kids. Scooter was blackmailing Nicole who he recognized as a porn star and the package contained lingerie.

Chloe continued her search for Holly and Eric tried to appeal to her soft side. He even shared with her the story of King Solomon and hoped that he could get Chloe to stop her pursuit of Nicole and Holly.

Kate and Andre have a lot of tension and chemistry and the two got into a heated argument. Andre insulted Gabi and then referred to Kate’s past as a prostitute. When Andre was done with his lecture, Kate threw her drink in his face. Afterward, Andre pulled Kate into a tight embrace and kissed her. Kate wasn’t feeling the kiss and slapped Andre hard in the face.

After Abigail and Chad talked and she returned his ring, she went for a walk. She ran into Dario who asked her what was wrong. Abigail broke down and confided in Dario that she and Chad were over. She cried and rested her head against Dario’s chest. Meanwhile, fate brought Gabi and Chad together by coincidence and the two gave each other a long, painful stare.

Brady and Hilary both realized something was wrong when Scooter and Nicole both gave text messages saying they had car trouble. Hilary frantically left and Brady called a babysitter to watch the kids. He was going to track Nicole down and it appeared he would catch Scooter in the act. Brady arrived at a hotel, found a key card and opened the door. Before his eyes, he saw Scooter in bed with a woman.

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