Simone Biles Shares Her Secrets With Her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partner Sasha Farber


Simone Biles may be an Olympics superstar when it comes to gymnastics, but the athlete has revealed that her Dancing with the Stars experience hasn’t been as easy as some might expect. In fact, Biles opened up about the challenges of working with her professional dance partner Sasha Farber and the unique ways in which he has pushed her to deliver some of the best scores in this season.

While the duo has been working hard on Dancing with the Stars, Biles also confesses that she has come to see Farber as her own big brother, confiding in him about her personal life and her real-world problems in the dating scene.

Simone Biles Sends Sasha Farber to the Friend Zone

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Sasha revealed that Simone comes to her dancing mentor with all of her personal drama, though he doesn’t say so with any sense of frustration. Instead, the Dancing with the Stars celebrity is happy to offer his opinions on whatever topic Biles wishes to chat about. The pair often talk about dating, and Sasha offers his thoughts on what’s okay and what Biles shouldn’t tolerate from her love interests.

The 20-year-old gymnast-turned-dancing contestant opened up to Farber about having her first date with a mystery man, who Biles says has a good physique. When asked for further details about the new love interest by her Dancing with the Stars partner, Simone clammed up.

“It’s going well so far but I won’t give any more details away,” Ms. Biles said. “He’s a sweet guy!”

Sasha teased Simone about bringing her new boyfriend onto Dancing with the Stars so everyone could get a better look at the guy who had captured her heart, but Biles wasn’t going for it. Instead, she turned her attention back to her challenging time as Sasha Farber’s dance partner.

Simone Biles Says Dancing with the Stars Sometimes Leaves Her Feeling Overwhelmed

People reports that the most recent competition on Dancing with the Stars earned Sasha and Simone a 38 out of a total 40 points, but earning that impressive score didn’t come easy for the team. It required hours of exhaustive practice and, as Biles shares, tested her mental resolve just as much as her physical agility.

“Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with Sasha pushing me,” Biles admitted. “I’ve just be so shut off and I don’t really voice my opinion very well.”

When Sasha comments that Ms. Biles looks angry throughout their dance routines, Simone finally admits that she feels stressed from the hard workouts. The athlete says she hasn’t had a real break since before her Olympic competitions, so that adds to her feelings of frustration.

In response, Farber urges her to ask for breaks whenever she feels the need.

Simone won’t ask, though, because she’s concerned about disappointing her Dancing with the Stars partner and coach. Farber’s energy is very high, says Biles, and she’s afraid to ask him to slow down, but while Simone feels that she’s being pushed too hard, Sasha has another take on it. He says the experience is helping Biles become her own person.

“I think Simone is finding her voice. She’s standing on her own two feet, just like Moana did.”

Simone finally agrees with that assessment. The Dancing with the Stars contestant feels as though she’s matured significantly over the past few weeks, but adds that she still has a long way to go.

Sasha’s comment about Moana was in reference to the pair’s recent routine, which was based on the Disney animated film. While each of the Dancing with the Stars had something positive to say about the Moana-themed dance for the show’s Disney night, judge Carrie Ann Inaba summed it up best of all in suggesting the Biles/Farber dance was the perfect way to end the night’s competitions.

“It was such a high-energy, beautiful, powerful, yet poetic dance. You were fantastic, Simone.”

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday nights on ABC.

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