‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Missing Painting And A Mysterious Stranger, Quartermaine Party Full Of Surprises

Actress Jane Elliot has just a short time left on General Hospital. The soap is giving her some much-needed on-air time as possible before her character of Tracy Quartermaine departs for good. That also means the other members of the family are onscreen as well, which always makes for an interesting gathering of craziness. Yesterday certainly didn’t disappoint as it was as fun as it gets at the Quartermaine mansion.

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, it was Ned and Olivia’s engagement party, and the Quartermaine family — or what is left of them — came together to help them celebrate. Of course, there was Tracy, Monica, and Dillon, but also included in the festivities were Laura Spencer and Kiki Jerome. Soap Central says that the family will be quite disappointed in Tracy as she has used her son’s engagement gathering for her own purpose.


Longtime General Hospital viewers know that a Quartermaine family get-together always turns out to be quite an interesting time. Olivia Falconeri got just a taste of what life will be like as an official member of the family on Monday’s show. The bickering between Tracy and Monica got a little heated as always, but you can’t help but love them. Kiki, Laura, and Olivia were a little shocked by it all, but they also seemed to be quite entertained.

Ned and Olivia’s party ended up turning into a circus, and it included a clown. Tracy got quite a surprise when she unveiled the painting that she was so eager to show off. She had her prized possession that she acquired while in Turkey, which was the portrait of a woman who looks an awful lot like Tracy when she was younger. Now that painting has been stolen right under their noses by Larry Ashton.


A creepy clown was staring her in the face when she took off the cover. Of course, the initial reaction to that was perfect. Tracy’s shocked face was priceless, with the rest of the family snickering. It was an appropriate replacement that Ashton set up, considering his relationship with his ex. Of course, Tracy will not find this humorous at all. On Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, she will realize that Ashton took the painting, and she will be furious.

Larry Ashton was the one who told Tracy about it, and he knew that she would go trekking off to find the valuable piece of art. Will this pave the way for Luke Spencer to enter this fiasco? According to spoilers, he is expected to somehow show up as part of Tracy’s last hurrah on General Hospital. However, there is someone else who will show up first.

In the previews for Tuesday, the young woman who was first seen lurking in the hallways of the monastery in Turkey will show up to the Quartermaine mansion. She will run into Laura and ask for Tracy. The woman’s name is Samira, but her true identity has not yet been revealed. Rumor has it that she may be Edward Quartermaine’s long-lost daughter.


This also means that maybe the woman in the portrait could be her mother. At least, it could be someone special to her, as she has come all the way from Turkey to seek out Tracy. Is it all about the money, or is the value of the painting more than that?

This whole mystery surrounding the artwork might just become more than what Tracy bargained for. According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, she might be a little worried when she dreams that she has to defend her life. What does that mean? Will her dream actually come true? This could very well be why Luke shows up in order to save her life. Samira might not be as innocent as she seems.

How do you think this will all play out for Tracy Quartermaine? What is Samira’s agenda? Be sure to catch General Hospital to see what happens leading up to Tracy’s departure in May.

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