Grab The Tissues: Young Girl Has Wish Granted As Belle Walks With Her At Epcot In Walt Disney World

For those who visit Walt Disney World, they have their own share of magical moments and find ways to have their dreams come true. Thanks to the Internet, and social media more than anything, these moments end up being shared for the whole world to see. While all of them may not touch your heart, there is a post going viral about a little girl named Daisy who had her wish granted when Belle took her by the hand to take a tour of the France pavilion in Epcot.

The Internet is full of those moments that go viral for the strangest reasons, but there are also those which have legit cause to be shared with the world. Disney is often associated with pictures or videos that go viral and all you have to do is look at the Frozen-reenacting toddler twins to get proof of that.

One of the latest Disney moments going viral has to do with a young girl named Daisy who obviously loves Beauty and the Beast a lot. Just looking at one picture of her at Magic Kingdom and you can see that she adores the Disney Princess and looks beautiful in her dress.

A Twitter user by the name of Patricia (@lovelovelove343) shared some images from Easter Sunday when she and her family went to Walt Disney World. While in Epcot, they met Belle during her meet-and-greet in the France pavilion and that is when the magic happened.

Dry your eyes as best you can after looking at these images since Daisy is just as sweet as humanly possible and is enamored with Belle.

You can just see the joy in her face as she is speaking to Belle who was obviously near the end of her time on stage in Epcot and thought a walk would be nice. That is when she asked Daisy if they had plans and asked her for a tour of the France pavilion.

Obviously, Daisy was overcome with emotion and needed to wipe away the tears before setting off on her tour. Belle then took the young girl, dressed in her Beauty and the Beast ball gown adorned with a Make-A-Wish button, and walked through Epcot having a fun conversation with her.

All you have to do is look at the pictures and watch the video to know that the trip was a success and that Daisy’s wishes were indeed made.

The family appeared to have an amazing time in Walt Disney World and really made magic happen over the Easter weekend. Going on the rides, watching the shows, eating the great food, and seeing the characters is more than enough for anyone to head home filled with excitement and enjoyment in their memories.

While at Epcot, Belle did more than enough to send Daisy and her family home wish wishes granted and hearts full of contentment.

Walt Disney World has been making dreams come true for more than 45 years and it doesn’t appear as if that is going to come to an end anytime soon. There are so many smiles provided every single day and each one is just as important as the next. All you have to do is look at young Daisy as she wears her Beauty and the Beast dress adorned with a Make-A-Wish button and ends up walking hand-in-hand with Belle through Epcot, and you’ll know that magic is real.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]