Twin Toddlers Perform Scene From Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Which Is Perfect And Adorable

Every single day, there are different videos put on the Internet and various forms of social media, but it takes a special one to go viral. Sometimes it can be something silly or weird or haunting or strange, but having something go viral is something to be proud of. That is the case of a mother from Philadelphia who has twin toddlers that just so happen to love Disney’s Frozen. While that may seem quite common, these little ones also know how to act it out perfectly.

One of the things that babies, infants, and toddlers do so often is mimic what they see their parents do or even what they see on television. It is quite common and is usually a little amusing as they can never quite get it down, but that isn’t always the case and sometimes, they may shock you.

On Monday evening, Colleen Jordan was watching Disney’s Frozen with her twin girls Madelyn and Scarlett. As they were watching it, the twins decided it was time to show the world what they’re made of and how they are just as good as Anna and Elsa.

That is when Colleen started filming them and put the video on her Facebook page for the world to see.

If the video doesn’t show, check out the Jordan twins reenacting Frozen at this link.

Speaking directly with Colleen Jordan, the Inquisitr learned that young Madelyn and Scarlett are not even 2-years-old yet. Their birthday is coming up soon and the girls will officially hit that “terrible” year as of Saturday, April 8.

Obviously, they love being around one another and are enjoying each other’s company through these early years and more than just while watching Disney movies.

twin babies toddlers disney's frozen scene anna elsa colleen jordan family
[Image by Colleen Jordan/Facebook]

The Jordan twins have come a long way and they have battled since birth as Colleen states they were born two months early and spent seven weeks in the NICU before going home.

“They have definitely come a long way. They amaze me each day. They have such a very sharp memory and love books. We actually read about 20 books to them every single day (laughs). The girls actually prefer being read to over TV.”

“Still, they have been reenacting that Frozen scene since they were 18 months.”

Now, Colleen and her husband know they have their hands full with the soon-to-be-two Frozen-loving toddlers, but there is more. The twins have a baby sister by the name of Emily who is just 4-months-old and will have some pretty good and talented role models in her siblings.

twin babies toddlers disney's frozen scene anna elsa colleen jordan family
[Image by Colleen Jordan/Facebook]

As of Thursday night, the video from Colleen’s Facebook page had racked up more than 1.1 million views, more than 10,000 Likes, and been shared more than 24,000 times. The video has landed them on Babble and earned them a spot on Good Morning Philadelphia on Friday morning, according to Colleen’s latest status update.

Colleen says that the Fox affiliate is hoping that the twins will reenact their favorite scene from Frozen once again, but the pressure may be a bit too much. Still, it is hard to get past all of their cuteness and just watching them be themselves is likely going to be just as entertaining.

twin babies toddlers disney's frozen scene anna elsa colleen jordan family
[Image by Colleen Jordan/Facebook]

Colleen Jordan probably thought that her twin toddlers really just loved Disney’s Frozen and that they wanted to be like Anna and Elsa. Since the movie came out a few years ago, what little girl hasn’t wanted to be one of the sisters? Still, the incredible talent of Madelyn and Scarlett, who haven’t even hit two years of age yet, is something to behold and it should be no surprise that their adorable video is now going viral.

[Featured Image by The Walt Disney Company]