Mike Shay Posts Video Of Scheana Marie Accusing Her Of Abandoning Him For Fame, ‘F***k You’

Mike Shay is lashing out at his ex Scheana Marie. As part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion show aired on Monday night, Mike posted a video montage of Scheana. Unfortunately for Scheana, the video montage, featuring what looks to be footage shot by Mike during their relationship, is hardly flattering. It’s set to a song in which a man slams a woman for abandoning him in favor of fame and riches. “F**k you,” the man sings.


Mike, apparently in reference to the airing of the final part of the reunion show, tweeted that he officially closed a big chapter in his life today. The video shows Scheana sitting in the backseat of car, walking down the street, on the Watch What Happens Live set, and outside a car near the ocean during a road trip. In the clips, Scheana’s waving to the camera, apparently to Mike who was the one filming.

The song is set to Dat Dope Group’s song “Grind for the Check.” Mike, who is a member of Dat Dope Group alongside three other men, set the video to the part of the song in which a woman, despite getting emotional support from her partner and told to be patient, is accused of abandoning her partner for fame and fashion.

“I wake up every morning and I wanna make you smile. Told you to be patient, good things take a while. Left me stranded, pissed off and abandoned for the fame and fashion…F**k you! I have been grinding, making some moves…”

Scheana, meanwhile, posted a photo of herself being comforted by good friend and co-star Ariana Madix during the reunion show filming. Scheana, whose wedding to Mike was aired on Season 3, admitted that the segment with Mike was one of the hardest things she has ever filmed for the show. She added that she’s thankful to have some amazing friends, one of whom is obviously Ariana, by her side.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ariana, during an interview with Tom Sandoval in December, 2016, suggested that Scheana and Mike perhaps should have tried therapy and done legal separation prior to filing for divorce.


During part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules season 5 reunion show, Mike Shay made an appearance to defend himself and confront Scheana Marie. According to Mike, it was Scheana who left the marriage prematurely. Mike blamed Scheana for publicizing his substance abuse, explaining that he was dealing with it privately and hadn’t even told his family but when it was aired on the show, he was forced to tell everyone. He said that to this day, he’s labeled as a “druggie” everywhere he goes.

Scheana told Mike that she would have never left him, that she would have stayed in a marriage that wasn’t great and that she would have never divorced him. Mike accused Scheana of blindsiding him.

“That’s not true. That’s not true. That’s not true. I told you. I said, ‘We will make this work.’ And you said yes to everything. Then when I showed up to film you divorced me on camera.”

Scheana explained that she found out that Mike, whose substance abuse problem was shown last season, was buying pills behind her back and lying to her about it. Scheana said that was when she “checked out” and was “done” with the marriage.

Host Andy Cohen then asked Mike about his feelings regarding Scheana having a boyfriend. Mike said that it was “unfortunate” and that it was “very quick.” He admitted that he doesn’t know who Scheana’s new boyfriend is. Scheana told Mike that he follows him on Instagram. Scheana then revealed that her boyfriend is Rob, whom Mike knows.

“That’s the guy you’re dating? Hmm, interesting.”

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish in March, co-star and friend Jax Taylor explained that Scheana dated Robert Valleta, an actor, years ago prior to getting back with Mike. Jax revealed that Rob and Mike were friends.

“We all thought he knew that Scheana was dating Rob ’cause actually Shay and Rob were friends. And Scheana dated [Rob] a long time ago and then left him, went back to Shay, and now she’s back with Rob.”


At another point during the reunion show, when Andy asked Scheana when the relationship with Mike started to go south, Scheana admitted that problems occurred just three months after getting married. Scheana explained that was when she found out about the pills and so the trust was broken right away. Mike said that he thought that the marriage went south only a year ago. That’s when Scheana said that it was really hard for when she saw the texts. When Mike said that the texts were simply from a friend, Scheana said that the texts were hardly innocent.

“The ‘you on top of me’ text? I caught him texting another girl. Like that’s devastating.”

Scheana added that the other woman lived across the country so nothing between her and Mike actually happened. Mike admitted that he met the other woman when she went to his studio. He added that he had a connection with that woman and received support from her that he didn’t get from Scheana.

The whole time Mike was explaining the texts, Scheana was looking at herself with a compact and fixing her hair and makeup. When Andy pointed out what Scheana was doing, and even Lisa Vanderpump said that Scheana should just let her appearance go, Scheana said that she was very uncomfortable.

Towards the end of Mike’s appearance on the Vanderpump Rules reunion show, Mike told Scheana that he will always love her and be there for her when needed. Scheana told Mike that he seems happier now and that she’s happy for him. Just prior to Mike walking off the set, he went over to Scheana and hugged her. She wished him luck with his tour and in return he wished her luck with everything.

Judging from Mike Shay’s latest dig st Scheana Marie however, it seems that the relationship between the two has since soured.

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