WWE Rumors: The Shield Reunion Is Finally Possible And ‘The Hounds Of Justice’ May Rule ‘Raw’

All wrestling fans have been waiting for a reunion of The Shield ever since the stable split up three years ago, but it just hasn’t happened. Last summer, the WWE superstar draft ended any hope of a reunion when Dean Ambrose was drafted to SmackDown Live while Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stayed on Monday Night Raw. Well, last week’s Superstar Shake-Up changed things up and the rumors are now swirling about the Hounds of Justice coming back together.

The third name to switch brands last week was Dean Ambrose as he moved from SmackDown Live and brought his Intercontinental Title to Raw. Later that night, General Manager Kurt Angle assured Seth Rollins that he would be staying a member of Team Red. On Tuesday, Roman Reigns remained in place and he wasn’t moved either.

With the Superstar Shake-Up completed, all three former members of The Shield were now on one roster again and that means a reunion is possible. Yes, it is possible, but is WWE actually going to let something like that happen with three of its biggest stars?

the shield reunion monday night raw wwe rumors ambrose reigns rollins

According to IWNerd, the excitement of the fans began building right away and everyone started wondering if The Shield was coming back together. Rumor has it that there will indeed be some sort of interaction between the three men over the coming months, but some of the WWE plans in place don’t really allow for a reunion.

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Brock Lesnar is expected to hold onto the Universal Championship until WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. The current plan is for him to face Roman Reigns in the main event at that pay-per-view and lose the title to Reigns who is still being mega-pushed.

There are also rumors circulating that Dean Ambrose may end up turning heel and falling into a feud with a babyface Seth Rollins, possibly over the IC Title. This would be an exact role reversal of their feud from a couple of years ago when Rollins was WWE Champion and Ambrose was the babyface.

Right now, there is just way too much invested in all three former members of The Shield to put them back into a stable. The only thing that fans can hope for at this point is just a short reunion here and there, but long term doesn’t seem to be in the works at all.

the shield reunion monday night raw wwe rumors ambrose reigns rollins
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Back at Survivor Series in November, The Shield came together to perform a Triple Powerbomb on AJ Styles, but it was a reunion that lasted all of two minutes. That is quite possibly the extent of what fans will see over the coming months and year with all three members now on the Raw roster.

Give Me Sport is also reporting that while rumors are running wild on social media of a reunion for The Shield, one isn’t likely. They are also of the belief that brief interactions and team-ups are possible, but nothing much more than that.

WWE is going to keep pushing Reigns and anyone that saw The Shield knows that he was always the muscle of the group and that was it. Rollins and Ambrose alternated as mouthpieces and leaders of the stable, but now, it is all Roman Reigns all the time.

Putting him back into a very popular stable would help bring back the cheering from the fans, but it would also put him in the backseat to Ambrose and Rollins. All of the rumors say that a reunion may happen, but it seems as if the waiting game is still on.

The fans want a reunion of The Shield to happen and all of the pieces are now in place for it to happen, but that doesn’t mean it will. Dean Ambrose joining Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on the roster for Monday Night Raw started the rumors, but WWE is who needs to make the decision to put them back into a stable once again. Considering they are three of the top names in the company, it isn’t very likely that they will ever be tied down again.

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