‘Big Brother 19’ Schedule: Fans Enjoying ‘BB19’ Rumors As Summer 2017 Season Premiere Approaches

The Big Brother 19 schedule draws closer, but many BB19 rumors are still creating excitement for fans. The Big Brother 19 season premiere takes place on June 28, confirmed by CBS in a press release, as well as on their first round of commercials. Those commercials have given out information about future casting calls, but haven’t addressed any BB19 spoilers about there possibly being an All-Star cast this summer.

Host Julie Chen has been providing free advertisement for the show, posting about it frequently on her Twitter account. That continued on Friday, April 14, when she posted an image from Big Brother 17, depicting former houseguest Becky Burgess competing in a house competition. It continues a trend of Chen posting images of houseguests from the past, further creating Big Brother 19 rumors about an All-Star cast.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Big Brother 19 schedule officially begins with a two-hour season premiere on Wednesday, June 28. A key piece of information that may be new for fans is that CBS plans to return the show to its Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night episodes. Those will be familiar days to fans who have been watching the reality competition show for many years.

If the BB19 format remains the same as in past seasons, Sundays will showcase weekly nominations, Wednesdays will focus on the Veto competition and ceremony, and then Thursdays will be used as the eviction night. Thursday nights will also be when the weekly Head of House competitions take place, awarding power to one houseguest for the week. This is the format that has led to a lot of success for the show in the past.

For fans who may have forgotten who the Big Brother 18 winner was, returning houseguest Nicole Franzel beat out Paul Abrahamian in the final vote of the season by a 5-4 count. James Huling finished third after being eliminated in the final eviction ceremony. The other members of the BB18 final six were Natalie Negrotti, Victor Arroyo, and Corey Brooks. Nicole had been in a showmance with Corey, while James and Natalie were an item for most of the season. As recent Big Brother spoilers have revealed, neither showmance survived outside of the BB18 house.

If it turns out the Big Brother 19 rumors about an All-Star cast are true, it’s certainly possible that Nicole Franzel, Paul Abrahamian, Natalie Negrotti, or Victory Arroyo could get invited back. Though Victor finished in fifth place for the season, he performed well in competitions, working his way back into the BB18 house twice after getting evicted. James was a returning houseguest within the BB18 cast as well, but still had quite a few viewers rooting for him on social media. Seeing him as a member of an All-Star cast would not be surprising at all.

The exact Big Brother 19 schedule will have episodes at 8 p.m. PT/ET on Wednesdays, 9 p.m. PT/ET on Thursdays, and 8 p.m. PT/ET on Sundays. CBS will also be providing the live feeds online again, but they likely won’t be turned on until the season premiere has aired on the West Coast on June 28. At that point, viewers will have to catch up a bit, as the houseguests will have already been in the BB19 house for a few days. That will provide a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers for fans to read about, especially once the cast has been officially introduced to viewers.

Another potential BB19 cast member worth mentioning (or possibly for Big Brother 20) is Morgan Willett. She just won the fall installment of Big Brother: Over The Top that was carried out entirely online. Fans could participate by voting on how nominations and evictions would play out, which included naming Willett as the $500,000 winner. Fans enjoyed watching her play the game, so it would make sense if she were invited to be part of the Big Brother 19 cast this summer.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]