Coachella Leak Reveals Lady Gaga Octopus Swallowing Will Be Part Of A ‘High Energy’ Set

One of the biggest names coming to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival‬ this year is, of course, Lady Gaga, and the pop star’s fans are all very eager to learn what she has planned for her set performance. There’s good reason for that unbridled anticipation. Each of Lady Gaga’s public appearances seems to outdo the previous performance and, according to early reports, her Coachella concert won’t disappoint. Along with rumors about the antics Lady Gaga has planned for the stage show, representatives for the artist promise that her high-octane energy is sure to ignite the audience.

Coachella Leaks Reveal Lady Gaga’s Octopus Swallowing Sideshow

Lady Gaga will be the first female act to headline at Coachella since Björk had that honor in 2007, and Out Magazine reports that the pop singer is doing all she can to make it a memorable experience. Recent years have seen a tamer Lady Gaga, possibly due to her failed romance with actor Taylor Kinney, but that’s over now and it seems the younger, freakier Lady Gaga is re-emerging.

In preparing for her upcoming performance, the Coachella headliner was caught practicing her routine, which begins with her name flashing in neon lights across the stage. When Lady Gaga makes her initial entrance, she’ll be dressed in a black and white number, but her outfit won’t be getting the most looks.


As seen in the video footage, which was captured by a fan and posted to Twitter, Lady Gaga will have an octopus tentacle dangling from her mouth as she steps out in public view. Known for her use of sexual innuendo in both her music and her live performances, Lady Gaga again travels down that path with the swallowing of the entire octopus tentacle.

“Well, you know there’s always a ‘wow’ with Gaga at some point,” says Richy Jackson, Gaga’s visual director and choreographer. “That’s all I can say! There’s always something.”

Lady Gaga Won’t Be Performing Her Joanne Set, But Here’s What She Will Be Doing

According to Billboard, Jackson, who worked with Lady Gaga on the songs “Bad Romance,” “Born This Way,” and “Applause,” says the singer has been working up a sweat, trying to get her set ready for Coachella. Richy adds that Gaga has been practicing daily, giving each rehearsal as much energy and passion as she intends to give for her live Coachella performance.

Coming fresh off her Super Bowl LI halftime show, Gaga has been throwing herself into orchestrating her Coachella appearance as well as plotting out her Joanne concert tour, which kicks off in August.

“It has been a very collaborative effort; it’s been meetings, meetings, more meetings, emails, text messages and everything under the sun, whatever technology to get information across to people,” Jackson said.

The visual director shares that, when Lady Gaga is busy, everyone around her is even busier. He adds that every detail has to be arranged in advance and has to be perfectly executed, so there’s plenty of help on standby. Gaga makes sure her staff knows exactly who to contact for every problem that might arise.

While there have been rumors of a special guest, Richy wouldn’t talk about those plans. Similarly, he wouldn’t share what he knows about the octopus swallowing event or any other antics Lady Gaga might have planned for Coachella. He did share his thoughts on the concert in a more general sense, however.

“For the crowd at Coachella, they are there for so many different reasons, so as far as our show, what I can tell you, it is going to be high energy, we are going to play with some of her various genres she has within her as an artist and figure out a way to allocate those things throughout the show, and take some risks and some chances and have a good time, because we’re out there at Coachella.”

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]