Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Spend Easter In Her Toronto Pad: See Pics Of Meghan’s Home

Prince Harry has made an early Easter entrance to visit his girlfriend, Suits actress Meghan Markle. The prince arrived in Toronto on Wednesday night and was spotted arriving at Meghan Markle’s home. Prince Harry was wearing a blue shirt, jeans, and sneakers as he stepped out of the car. Slung low over his eyes was a baseball hat as he tried to remain inconspicuous, and throwing his duffel bag across his shoulder, he made his way into Meghan’s home. Meghan has posted pics of her beautiful home on her Instagram page, and the two will be spending quality time in this space.

Worlds Apart, Harry And Meghan Rely On A Series Of Romantic Interludes

Meghan Markle Golden Globe After Party 2012
Meghan Markle at The Weinstein Company 2012 Golden Globes after-party. [Image by Katy Winn/AP Images]

Meghan and Harry had not seen each other since March 20 when Markle and the Prince of Wales spent a romantic evening at the Natural History Museum in London. Meghan had flown to London, and Harry offered us a rather romantic side to his personality. According to an Inquisitr article, Harry made Meghan’s dream come true, as Markle had always wanted to visit the museum. Setting up a private date was not a problem for a member of the royal family, and Harry was able to pursue the heart of his 35-year-old girlfriend.

“It’s quite romantic after dark as all the exhibits, including the dinosaurs, are all still lit up. And of course they had it to themselves.”

Prior to that, the pair had attended the wedding of Harry’s friend Tom “Skippy” Inskip’s wedding in the Caribbean. The two were seen cuddling, laughing, and even dancing at the joyous Jamaican celebration. Meghan was relaxed and comfortable as she got to know Harry’s friends better, and there was a naturalness about them as they held hands and stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“She was a total hit with all of Skippy and Harry’s pals and they cuddled affectionately when out of the camera’s eye.”

Meghan Markle has even stayed at Prince Harry’s cottage at Kensington Palace. She has met his brother, Prince William, and his wife, Duchess Kate, and their two adorable children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Meghan was so taken with George and Charlotte that she offered to babysit them should William and Kate ever need her to, according to the Inquisitr.

“She’s even asked to babysit, knowing Kate prefers to have family where possible to do so and not rely on nannies.”

Harry’s friends have said that Harry is besotted with Meghan, and insiders say that they would not be surprised if the love-struck couple were to get engaged this year despite only dating since July 2016.

“If anything, Harry is the one who’s gone all fingers and thumbs. He’s seriously in love.”

Harry and William at "Service of Hope"
Prince William and Prince Harry attend a "Service of Hope" at Westminister Abbey, April 5 2017. [Image by Eddie Mulholland/AP Images]

Will This Be Meghan And Harry’s Love Pad This Easter Weekend?

Harry was seen being dropped off at Meghan’s home. Meghan has shared pictures of her gorgeous home on her Instagram page. Megan seems to love the understated and elegant look. She prefers a neutral white and cream palette, plenty of fresh flowers, coffee table books, and her dogs, Bogart and Guy, as ready-made accessories.

Meghan has a white couch despite having to deal with two dogs, their fur, and paws. A beautiful Pamuk and Co. gray striped throw is draped pseud-casually across it for a modern chic look. She regularly spoils herself with happy bunches of flowers and has revealed that peonies are her favorite bloom.

“I bought these peonies for myself yesterday because they make me so endlessly happy. Do something sweet for yourself today too.”

Meghan loves art as is evidenced by the works of Gray Malin and Inslee Fariss which is displayed in her home.

Outside, Meghan has taken care into creating an outside space worthy of indoor living. With a stunning black metal love seat with modern black and white striped cushions, Markle created a cozy garden nook. The seating area features a BBQ, wooden decking, and sprays of hydrangeas, which she planted herself.

And her bed? Meghan brings the eclectic and vintage together in her large wrought iron birdcage design bed. The only problem is, can Harry convince Bogart and Guy to share their mistress?

[Featured Image by Amy Sussman and Rui Vieira/AP Images]