Jinger Duggar Shocks Fans With Fashion Choice, Sends Message To Overly Conservative Parents

Jinger Duggar has been married for a little over five months now. She moved to Texas from her Arkansas home to be with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, immediately after the wedding. Living apart from her sisters hasn’t been easy, but everyone is learning to adjust. Duggar has talked about building relationships with other women in Texas, and it seems like things are going well for her.

There has been some talk about how Jinger Duggar appears to be living a more relaxed life in Texas. A few weeks ago, a photo surfaced of her wearing shorts while out with Jeremy Vuolo. This was something that caught fans by surprise. Duggar was taught from an early age that wearing anything other than long skirts or dresses was not acceptable. Their attire has been a hot topic among critics, especially since the little girls are required to wear the same things while playing outside and riding bikes. Because the Duggars are a Quiverfull family, the girls are put under heavy pressure to make sure their actions and attire do not tempt men in their lives in any way.

It appears that dressing differently seems to be freeing for Jinger Duggar. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger was seen wearing pants in a photo posted by Jessa Duggar while the family was on vacation. The photo caused a huge stir among fans and critics. Some are voicing their admiration for Duggar, who is finally living for the things she wants while also being sure she remains covered up for her husband. Others have mentioned she is mocking her parents and being somewhat disrespectful because she is wearing pants in their presence. Either way, the real Jinger is shining through, and her fans are supporting her choice to be herself.

Some whispers have been floating around about the Duggar girls dressing a certain way because of what happened with Josh Duggar. Four of the girls were molested by their brother, with Jinger likely being one of the victims. When all of this happened over a decade ago, Jim Bob and Michelle reconstructed the rules within the family which also included rules regarding dress code and bedroom situations. Jinger Duggar has been raised to wear skirts and dresses all of her life, and now, she has the freedom to try out modest shorts and pants. Some would like to believe this is an act of defiance against her parents, but most believe it is simply personal preference.

Counting On almost solely focused on Jinger Duggar last season despite her wedding being aired last November. There were a lot of unhappy viewers who wanted to see more of the family and the budding relationships. It has been confirmed the show was renewed, but no actual premiere date has been announced yet. Duggar lives in Texas with Jeremy Vuolo, and it is unclear how much filming they have done for the upcoming season. Of course, their family vacation will likely be included in some of the footage, which will be nice for fans to enjoy.

Despite all of the speculation and rumors surrounding Jinger Duggar, she is remaining grounded. There has been talk about a possible pregnancy, although it looked unlikely in some of the photos shared over recent weeks. With the Easter holiday coming up, the Duggars will likely all be together to celebrate. It appears that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are making an effort to stay involved in the family traditions, even though they live several hundred miles away. There is a lot to look forward to with the beginning of Jinger Duggar’s journey, and for now, she is focused on getting acclimated to her new life.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]