David Dao Lawsuit, Press Conference Thursday, April 13: Watch Dao’s Lawyers Talk United Lawsuit Live [Video]

A press conference to discuss the details of the case of Dr. David Dao against United Airlines is scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 13, at 10 a.m. CT.


As reported by Time, Dr. Dao’s attorneys have filed an emergency bill of discovery in order to preserve all information related to Dao’s incident with United, including videos like the one below, which show Dao stating that he did not want to leave the United Airlines flight. Dr. Dao complained that removal from the flight meant an overnight stay, and spoke of how long he’d been traveling already, with Dao stating he just wanted to go home.

The 69-year-old Dao was seated on United Express Flight No. 3411 when the melee began over the oversold flight. The first legal filing took place on April 12, and by Thursday, April 13, Dr. Dao’s lawyers and a family member were ready to discuss the first steps to the potential lawsuit.

To watch the press conference live with Dao’s attorneys and family member, check the video tab of Facebook for live videos of the press conference at the scheduled start time.

Also, videos on Twitter of Dao’s live press conference should prove fruitful, since plenty of publications broadcast high-profile press conferences live, or live-tweet the press conferences immediately. At the very least, video snippets should be available shortly after Dao’s press conference ends.

Either way, Dr. Dao is not expected to appear at the press conference, since Dao was still recovering from his injuries in the hospital, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

The press conference regarding Dao’s run-in with United is of great interest to viewers following the case, because Dao has a strong legal case, reports CNN Money. The legal document filed in Cook County Circuit Court, due to the incident happening on April 9, in Chicago at O’Hare airport, could be the start of a large personal injury lawsuit. According to the legal documents, Dao sustained injuries as he was dragged off the United Express flight.

“After being duly processed by the ticket agent, checked in by the attendant, and seated in his assigned passenger seat, Petitioner was forcibly dragged and removed from the said aircraft by City employees, sustaining personal injury.”

A lawyer named Thomas A. Demetrio signed Dao’s petition, with attorneys Edward G. Willer and Stephen L. Golan also involved in Dao’s legal filings.


The news of the press conference with Dao’s lawyers and at least one of Dao’s family members is causing comments such as the following to appear in social media.

, watch out! press conference today, April 13-10am,CST, Chicago.

Town and Country Magazine reports that Dao could likely win millions if Dao wins a lawsuit based on the violent treatment he received at the hands of the officers seen in the viral video.

“Dao could sue for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional disturbance, and may also have grounds to sue under various civil rights acts, in addition to that breach of contract.”

As seen in the top photo above, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz was photographed in New York. Dr. Dao’s incident continues to disturb Munoz, the CEO wrote to United employees on Tuesday, according to ABC News.

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]