Park Yoochun Confirms Upcoming Marriage: ‘Korea’s Bill Cosby’ Finds Love Amidst Scandals

Korean pop and acting sensation Park Yoochun has confirmed that he would be getting married later this year. In a brief announcement, the singer/actor’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, stated that reports of the famous celebrity’s impending marriage are accurate, and that Park would be tying the knot with his fiance later this fall. C-JeS further stated that Park’s marriage would be held after he completes his military service sometime August this year.

“Park Yoochun will be tying the knot with a non-celebrity this fall. Because the news was reported prior to any specific plans for their marriage, we want to be careful about revealing anything else. Also, owing to the fact that Park Yoochun is currently serving as a public service officer and the bride-to-be is a non-celebrity, we ask for your understanding. Please look over them warmly. Park Yoochun will diligently serve in the military until late-August.”

While official statements about the South Korean celebrity’s fiance are scarce, previous reports have stated that Park’s bride-to-be is Hwang Hana, a non-celebrity, according to a Soompi report. Despite Hwang’s lack of celebrity status, however, she holds the distinction as one of the granddaughters of Namyang Dairy Products, one of South Korea’s most prominent private firms. Park and Hwang reportedly met through a mutual acquaintance, and their relationship progressed as the chaebol granddaughter helped the celebrity through his most turbulent times.


While the marriage between one of South Korea’s most prominent male celebrities to a chaebol granddaughter might be newsworthy, reports have also emerged that the two would be married privately at a hotel in Seoul, according to a Naver report. Details of the wedding are unavailable as of writing, though speculations are high that the ceremony would be held sometime in September, after Park Yoochun gets relieved of his military duties.

The 30-year-old Park Yoochun rose to fame by being one of the key members of South Korean group JYJ. A multitalented artist, Park eventually expanded his craft from music to acting, starring in acclaimed projects such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010, Miss Ripley in 2011, Rooftop Prince in 2012, Missing You in 2012, Three Days in 2014, and The Girl Who Sees Smells in 2015.

Parks’ reputation took a massive blow as the Korean celebrity was serving in the country’s military. Last June, Park was accused by several women of sexual assault, causing significant damage to the actor/singer’s reputation. While the celebrity and his agency expressly denied the allegations, a significant portion of Park’s fanbase has not taken the accusations lightly, with many stating that they would not be supporting the artist in future endeavors anymore. Others were more unforgiving, eventually branding the famous celebrity as “Korea’s Bill Cosby,” comparing him to the once-iconic American actor whose reputation was ultimately tainted by multiple sexual assault charges.

The sexual abuse charges against Park were dropped by the South Korean police just a month after the allegations were brought forward. Park, for his part, sued his accusers for false accusation and attempted blackmail, culminating in a court victory back in January 2017 that saw his accusers sent to jail. Despite being cleared of all charges, however, the damage to Park’s reputation has been done.

Overall, K-pop fans have reacted in polarizing ways to the news of Park’s impending marriage. Some have fondly stated that the celebrity is practically living in a real-life version of a classic Korean drama, considering that he is marrying a chaebol granddaughter after a massive crisis. Others, on the other hand, have voiced their disapproval to the actor marrying someone outside the country’s entertainment circuit. Despite this, numerous K-pop fans have given Park their full support and well-wishes, as the actor/singer infamously dubbed as “Korea’s Bill Cosby” was seemingly able to find true love after spending two years laying his life for his country.

[Featured Image by C-JeS Entertainment]