'My 600-lb Life' Steven Update: Assanti Sibling Declares Facebook Break, Proposes Weekly Vlogs Soon After

Over the last couple of weeks, avid fans of TLC's My 600-lb Life have been particularly interested in the progress and development of the show's latest subjects, Steven and Justin Assanti, with the former attracting a lot of negative attention for his attitude and irrational behavior during his two-part episode. In a particularly interesting development, Steven has declared his intentions of temporarily signing off social media, stating that he would be focusing on his weight loss. Soon, however, it became apparent that the Assanti sibling's announced Facebook break might be a little bit shorter than what everyone expected.

Late last week, avid fans of My 600-lb Life noted that Steven, posting under his John Assanti profile in Facebook, stated that he would be staying off social media for a significant length of time. While the post has since been deleted, viewers were able to capture screenshots of the update. Here are excerpts from the now-deleted post.


"Dearest fans around the world,

"To the person reading this, thanks for your support. You mean so much to me, the love you pour out to me. I read everything and at times, what I read touches my soul. Without all of you, there would be no Steven John Assanti.

"As you all know, I have dreams of becoming a famous actor, having a career in show business and I push and fight for that every day and I feel like where (sic) all pushing and fighting together. Well, anyway, I just wanted to let you know that and also, I'm taking a long break from Facebook to continue to focus on me and being productive, active and not having my brain trapped so much in social media. I refuse to let that happen again.

"This isn't the last you will see of me. AMAZING things are coming!!! See you soon. Haters gonna hate but I'll continue to lose this weight. Be inspired and stay inspired. - Steven John Assanti"

While the post was quite optimistic in tone, many viewers in online forums such as Reddit have expressed their skepticism over Steven's declaration, with many predicting that the elder Assanti brother would most likely go back on his word within a few days. Nevertheless, considering that the Facebook update appeared heartfelt, many were also hopeful that Steven would finally start to straighten up and simply follow his weight-loss treatment.


As it turned out, Steven's critics were completely correct. Just recently, the allegedly heartfelt post was deleted, and Steven was back on social media again. Earlier this week, the elder Assanti brother has given an update to his supporters on Facebook, asking if they would like to receive weekly live vlogs from him on the social media platform. Interestingly, the support for Steven's proposal has been practically unanimous, with many stating that they would love to get fresh video content from the Assanti sibling on a weekly basis. Among the 391 reactions the post has received so far, only 13 have been negative.

Unsurprisingly, many fans are speculating that Steven's short break from Facebook was yet another instance of the Assanti sibling looking for attention and validation from his supporters. During his two-part feature on My 600-lb Life, there were numerous instances when it appeared that Steven was intentionally acting out to get attention from his father and the medical staff. Thus, while the Assanti sibling's initial post seemed heartfelt, some fans are stating that Steven's declaration could have been nothing but yet another way to draw attention to himself.

A screenshot of Steven's entire statement, where he said that he would be staying off social media for some time, could be viewed here. TLC's My 600-lb Life airs every Wednesday at 8/7c.

[Featured Image by TLC]