Claire Holt Not Returning To ‘The Originals’ As A Series Regular Yet

The Originals rumor mill is turning yet again, and this time the rumors are about Claire Holt. A video was shared on YouTube with a headline suggesting that Holt is returning to the show as a series regular. However, throughout the 16-minute video, that was never stated. People have left comments annoyed at the clickbait title and want to know the facts.

As it stands, Holt is busy working on other projects, which she shares in the final minutes of the video above. While she will be in one more episode of The Originals Season 4, the actress has not confirmed she is returning as a series regular. In fact, the show hasn’t even been picked up for a fifth season yet.

Holt came on board for the first season of the spinoff after her time on The Vampire Diaries. Fans said goodbye to her towards the end, although it was clear it was not for good. According to Buzzfeed, Holt made a “life choice” to leave the show after her 16-episode contract was up because she wanted to work on other projects. She was shocked to hear some of the rumors.

Since her exit, she has been back a handful of times, most recently in the second episode of the latest season. She is also going to appear in one more episode, but only time will tell if she will be back as a series regular again. Holt shared in her live Q&A session with her YouTube followers that she has finished filming the pilot for Doomsday, which may be picked up as a new series next year. If that is picked up, it is unlikely that she will renew a contract as a series regular for The Vampire Diaries spinoff.

The Originals Season 5 will not likely be confirmed until May 2017. According to CinemaBlend, the CW president, Mark Pedowitz, says that the ratings will need to be considered first. However, there are more stories to be told, and Julie Plec would like to see it continue.

Ratings for the show weren’t positive for Season 3. They hit so low that the network chose not to put The Originals Season 4 on in the fall line-up, pushing it to a 2017 start instead. It was held off until March, taking over The Vampire Diaries Friday night slot. This seems to have been a good choice, as the ratings have gone up from the Season 3 ratings, suggesting that the show could be renewed for another year and get another spring line-up. This will likely mean another 13-episode order, instead of the usual 22-episode order that fall shows get.

The Originals Season 5 will mean that more crossovers with now ended show The Vampire Diaries can happen. This season will see a crossover with Alaric, as he comes to New Orleans with his twins. It is unclear whether his twins will help the Mikaelsons or whether he and his twins need the help of the Mikaelsons. It is possible that the Gemini twins will be needed to siphon magic out of Klaus and Marcel, as they are currently linked to The Hollow.

Fans are desperate to see Caroline crossover into the show. It is clear that Klaus still harbors some feelings for the vampire and he always promised to be her last love. Klaroline fans continually call on Plec and her writers to bring the love story into the show.

As for now, there are no indications that Caroline will appear. Likewise, Holt is not coming back to The Originals Season 4 as a series regular. She didn’t say she never would, but it depends on the future of the show and her career options.

[Featured Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]