‘Shameless’ To Continue For Four More Years? Star William H. Macy And John Wells Discuss Show During Panel

Shameless fans have been wondering about the fate of the series beyond Season 8 for some time now. Star William H. Macy – known for his role as Frank – may have given Shameless fans the hope they needed when he revealed during a panel that the series would continue for at least another four years.

Shameless showrunner and executive producer John Wells, along with star William H. Macy, took the stage following Showtime’s Billions panel to discuss the crazy life of Frank Gallagher.

Three leading ladies on the Shameless cast
Will 'Shameless' be continued for four more years? [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

The Showtime comedy is actually an adaption of an award-winning British television show about a dysfunctional family led by their alcoholic father (played by William H. Macy). Frank, the single father of six, ends up leaving his children fending for themselves most of the time. Macy used the panel as an opportunity to open up about his character and to give fans the news they’ve been waiting for.

“The writers have been great with writing such outrageous things for my character to do,” Macy revealed as he discussed how incredible the writers have been about making the character of Frank so outrageous and entertaining.

“And then every once in a while they plant a little moment of humanity and it keeps people behind Frank’s trajectory. And every once in a while you feel sorry for him and get a glimpse that there’s a person in there, and you’re willing to give him another break.”

William H. Macy believes the writers do a pretty good job of planting just enough humanity into Frank’s character in order to remind Shameless fans that there is a real person in there. This tends to result in one of his children – or someone else in his life – giving him a break for something he has done.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this and I’m certainly not tired of it. I’m Lutheran from Western Maryland — I read these scripts and I have the same reaction as the audience, ‘that you need therapy.’ I’m just as shocked as every one else and it’s such an unmitigated joy.”

Macy proceeds to reveal that he has the same reaction as fans when he reads the script and learns what his character has to do in each episode. He, however, really enjoys being able to step away from who he usually is as a person and take on the role of Frank.

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During the panel, Macy also talked about much work it was to direct an episode of Shameless. Deadline reveals this was the moment when he revealed that he would get more opportunities to direct additional episodes as the series was not going anywhere anytime soon. According to Macy, Shameless would continue for at least four more years.

“Shameless is going to run for four more years so. Oh, you didn’t know? Keep it to yourself because Showtime doesn’t know yet.”

While Season 8 of Shameless has been confirmed by Showtime, additional seasons have not been confirmed, even though William H. Macy seems to believe fans should get at least another four seasons out of the show – if not more based on the way he worded what he said.

What do you think about William H. Macy revealing Shameless is going to continue for at least four more years? Are you excited to know Shameless isn’t going anywhere anytime soon? Share your thoughts on this latest Shameless update in the comments section.

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