‘Pawn Stars’ Season 14: Now You Can You Buy What Is Featured On The Show

Pawn Stars Season 14 is finally on the air! The most recent episodes of the popular History Channel show began broadcasting on April 10. Pawn Stars may have been around for over 400 episodes now, but it doesn’t mean that they are not introducing some fresh ideas to one of the most successful shows in reality show history. This year, there is a significant change to the show.

One of the most exciting additions is that fans who live anywhere in the world can now actually purchase items seen on the show! After each new episode airs, the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn shop official website will post these items, from the latest show, for anyone to purchase. And they do ship to international buyers as well! These unique items are found on the “As Seen On Pawn Stars” section of the website.

As revealing these select items could potentially be spoilers for the first two episodes of the new season, please do not read on if you would like to view the new episodes first before checking out the historical artifacts.

The first of the four items displayed from the first two episodes is an 18th-century peg leg, complete with concealed flintlock, for a suggested price of $15,000. This curious item is something the expert had never, ever seen before. There is a flintlock pistol at the bottom of the leg! This is an antique firearm, therefore the shop can sell it, although they do not recommend firing this treasure once brought home.

Next is a piece of art entitled “The Presidential Birthday Party 1962.” This numbered serigraph, signed by American artist Leroy Neiman, is 132 of the 600 printed. The work depicts the infamous JFK birthday party where Marilyn Monroe sang her breathy “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” This item is listed at $6,500.

The next item surely thrilled Rick Harrison to no end, as it is responsible for triggering the Revolutionary War. This is the British Stamp Act. This is when Americans were asked to pay taxes to the British and their response was “No taxation without representation!” and then we all know the rest of that story. This historic treasure is selling for a mere $1,000.

Lastly, the pawn shop is selling a set of four of James Dean high school yearbooks, from freshman class through senior. This fascinating collection of books is being sold as a set for $10,000. The description on the website includes why these items are of such great value. Who knew that the rebel Dean played basketball in school?

“This is one of those rare items that we just love to get. James Dean is an iconic figure in American pop culture. Despite only briefly capturing the national attention before his untimely death, his image still permeates to this day as a symbol of the confused, restless and idealistic youth of the 1950s.

“This collection of yearbooks from all [four]of James Dean’s years in High School offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of the Rebel Without A Cause star. James was a very active student involved in theater, debate, track and also was a talented basketball player. These yearbooks belonged to a fellow student of James Dean’s at Fairmont High School, and have numerous pictures of Dean with his basketball team, debate club and of course his school photo. Plus whats a yearbook without a signature? Both Junior and Senior yearbooks are autographed twice! Luckily Rick’s just a big Steve McQueen fan so he didn’t squirrel these ones away for his private collection.”

Pawn Stars Season 14 just kicked off on April 10 and is regularly broadcast on the History Channel. All of the gang is back including Chumlee, Rick, and Corey. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Chumlee will be featured on his own in “solo Chum” segments and Richard Harrison, better known as the “old man” will also be back, but only in cameos. We all hope he is enjoying the extra time off!

Are you ready to see Chumlee, Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, and the old man again? Are you curious to see the items that are bartered on the show and now sold on the website? Could you possibly be a customer?

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]